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The Connector Ed: 66

Posted by The O'Connor Group
March 15, 2023

Have you heard about TOC's Gameday? Gameday is our team member onboarding program...and it is loads of FUN! Read more …

The Connector Ed. 65

Posted by The O'Connor Group
March 1, 2023

Okay...the cat is out of the bag! We couldn't wait to share what we did for our TOC team members for Employee Appreciation Day! What are you planning on doing for your incredible teammates? There is still time to surprise them with something this Friday, March 3rd! Read more …

The Connector Ed: 64

Posted by The O'Connor Group
February 15, 2023

Even though it's the shortest month of the year, February always seems to be the busiest! Our team is at it again! Read more …

The EAP, An Untapped Employee Benefit

Posted by The O'Connor Group
February 3, 2023

Mental health struggles. Difficult family dynamics. Caring for elders. Financial concerns. The number of challenges affecting today’s workforce are numerous and can feel overwhelming. Read more …