2021 Hiring: Back to the Basics

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If you were in business in 2020, it is probably safe to say your company experienced some sort of setback, which most likely resulted in a hiring freeze or reduction in force. We seriously feel your pain!

Talent Acquisition Partners and Recruiters were asked to put their current requisitions on hold, or cancel them until the next quarter results were in. This became a time for Recruiters to become creative and resourceful. Maybe this was a good time to clean up the Applicant Tracking System, or re-write old job descriptions, research more tools, or even assist with updating the company careers page. For some, this time gave Recruiters a chance to tackle some goals on their “to-do” list they never had time for previously. Fast forward to 2021 where the outlook is still uncertain, but companies feel more confident to resume or accelerate hiring to meet their business objectives for the year. Now is the time for Recruiters to get “Back to the Basics” for achieving their hiring targets.

  • · Clearly defined job descriptions

Job descriptions need to accurately explain the role and have clearly defined qualifications. Prospective candidates do not want to weed through a lot of fluff to decide whether they meet the minimum requirements for a role.

  • · Appropriate interview timelines

Candidates want to move through the interview process in a reasonable timeframe. Between job searching, homeschooling, and Pandemic fatigue, they do not want to be “strung along” for weeks before the company can make a hiring decision. Select the hiring team that is most appropriate and move the candidate through the process within a few days.

  • · Quick and concise feedback

Now, maybe more than ever, candidates deserve timely feedback. Candidates want to know their application status, even if it means they are not being considered. This gives the go-ahead to pursue other opportunities.

  • · Reprioritize internal meetings

Internal meetings that may have been important during 2020, such as boosting team morale, or communicating important organizational changes, may no longer apply in 2021. It’s time to refocus efforts on hiring more talent and assessing whether these meetings achieve or distract from your goals.

  • · High priority roles

If you have aggressive hiring goals, you need to prioritize. Which roles affect the bottom that should be hired first? Where are the workforce gaps that may be preventing employees from achieving their targets because they are understaffed?

As we dive further into 2021 and strive to achieve aggressive hiring goals, it is important to ask yourself what tasks propel you forward and which ones no longer serve their purpose. Optimizing recruiting efficiency will be the key to driving success for your hiring needs this year.