3 Keys to Securing Top Talent While Holding True to Your Organization's Re-entry Plan!

Office Re Entry

As we make the slow and steady re-entry into traditional workplaces, getting your current employees on board is likely a strategy you are working on. Consider this, you’ve spent months searching for the proverbial “purple squirrel” candidate for a role, you share your re-entry plan and they won’t accept your offer.

We are hearing the question from more and more candidates as we move into a phase where COVID-19 restrictions are beginning to ease. The question remains, how do we respect the candidates concern but also hold true to the organization’s plan?

Consider your capabilities. Is this the moment where a necessary pivot in your typical work environment becomes more flexible? Have your teams adapted to this style of work seamlessly enough where it can be an option for some that crave the perceived safety of a remote office setting, while allowing others to return to their traditional workspace?

Think about your workplace. Most organizations have done their due diligence to make the office conducive to working 6 feet apart, enforcement of masks and the institution of other PPE, like sanitizing wipes being more readily available. If that is the reality of your organization, have you done enough to share those precautions and measures? Has the candidate been able to be invited in to remove some of the unknown? Full transparency around these measures could just be the reassurance the candidate needs!

Always remind them of the benefits. Sometimes when things aren’t top of mind, we forget the “good stuff”. This could be an opportunity to remind them about how important team collaboration and relationship building can be, even in a controlled small group setting. Having in person meetings, participating in team building events and just being able to stop at someone’s office door can change the dynamic of activity.

We certainly want to be sensitive to each person as we navigate these waters, but if we are truly “in it together” there has be a mutually agreeable path forward for success.