Do You Glaze Over the Mock Interview? Here Are Important Reminders to Create a Win for Your Employer Brand.

Mock interview guide

Mock interviews are an extremely important part of candidate preparation and can make a huge difference in impressing both your prospective candidates and your hiring managers. If handled correctly, candidates are very thankful for the extra coaching they receive from the mock interview. This “dry run” will sometimes prove very nerve-racking for a candidate, and it is important to let them know that this is the forum to get those nerves out and practice putting their best foot forward.

A little goes a long way in taking care of your prospective candidate. Below are some common issues which arise in the mock interview and some simple coaching cues to help candidates:

  • Rambling answers: Coach the candidate to breathe and try to answer questions in “bullet point” format in their heads. Hit on 2-3 bullet points depending on the question and keep answers informative, articulate, and somewhat concise.
  • Presence: Discussing proper body language could take up another 10 articles because it is just that important; however, little things like eye contact, good posture, and practicing engaging listening, hold a lot of weight in the interview.
  • Articulating one's value proposition: The interviewer may be asking themselves “what does this person add to our team” and it is essential that the candidate can speak to their experiences in a way that will convey that value.
  • Be ready for basic and not so basic questions: It is impossible to know everything an interviewer may ask a candidate but the candidate at the very least should be ready to explain why they are interested in this role, what the company does, and provide examples of past experiences which speak to the points on the job description.
  • Nerves and Anxiety: Having some anxiety and nerves is a common occurrence in the interview setting. The candidate should have a routine if they feel anxiety coming on. Sitting up tall and smiling has been proven to release positive hormones that can combat stress and anxiety. There is nothing wrong with taking a second to compose yourself, reset, and answer the question.
  • Strengths and Weakness Question: It is important to answer this question in a way that shows that although something may be a weakness there is also room for professional growth in this area. A strong example of a weakness may be “I am a perfectionist and sometimes I spend more time than I have making sure everything is “just right” As you can see there this may be considered a weakness by the candidate, but it conveys to the manager that this person takes pride in their work.

Preparing your candidates through mock interviews can ensure a better final interview for the candidate. Not only will your candidate appreciate your care, but the Hiring Manager will be grateful to be receiving such prepared applicants. It is also a huge win for your company brand.