Don't be Hire Someone Smarter Than You!

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Want to be a winner? Always build your team with a group of A-players to collaborate around you. For a new hiring manager, there can be an unconscious fear in doing this…

“…what if they take my job"

“…my boss will see a skill in them that I don’t have”

“…the efficiency they bring will overshadow my contributions”

Smart hiring takes a strong leader. Being able to see the opportunities for the organization by adding top-notch talent to the team is what enables the group to win. Diversity of thought is what drives a team to success.

Keep in mind, hiring and retaining the best and the brightest isn’t always easy. By following these key points, your success may augment:

1. Attraction

It is true what they say, “great minds think alike”. In terms of recruiting these candidates, start within your network. Engage with people you know and admire and ask if they are open to new opportunities or able to share a referral. Recruit candidates that are already working. They are likely the best and the brightest. Don’t overlook a shining star that may have been displaced due to circumstances beyond their control.

2. Challenge

Congratulations, you made a fantastic hire. Now, what do you do to engage them? Ensure that you are placing them in a role that really utilizes their skills and play to their strengths. Then, bring the heat. Stretch them with goals, projects, and opportunities to enhance their skill set through experiences and mentorships. This is how a leader grows – by building and growing skills in the levels below them to replace themselves as they, too, grow within the organization. Additionally, by knowing your own strengths and weaknesses, you can hire those weaker areas to help fill gaps within the organization.

3. Highlight

An excellent way to retain top-performing talent is through exposure and recognition. Consider creating opportunities for these employees to shine in front of upper-level management. By giving them proper exposure within the organization, the management team can see the resources that exist when working on succession planning. Praise and rewards go a long way, too. Acknowledging employees’ strengths and accomplishments publicly can enhance their overall satisfaction.