Don't Fear This Hiring Moment...Seize It!

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As we continue to climb out of this COVID pandemic, we have seen companies jumpstarting their recruiting efforts once again. While there are a lot of candidates on the market with various skill sets, it is important to remember that you need to make quick hiring decisions before your competition does. Being decisive in your recruiting is always important and timely!

Lately, we have been hearing things like, “well John Smith does not have a job now so we can wait a bit longer to see who else applies” and “John Smith was one of three candidates we have interviewed for this position and while we think he is a great candidate that can do the job well, we would like to see more candidates that apply”. Don’t wait on great talent just because there is the potential of the purple unicorn applying to your position…you may already have them! Candidates on the market now may be going through rough times because of COVID so they could be very inclined to take the first thing that is offered to them and STAY there because hey, it looks stable and they believed in them!

Here is an important insider tip: Do NOT extend your interviewing process just because you think you have more time because of the current candidate market. You will fall right into a situation where candidates will become frustrated with the number of interviews they need to go through to get a potential offer. Does this also create a sense of indecisiveness and being unorganized? Remember when you applied to a job and uploaded your resume then the system asked you to fill in your job history? Yeah… frustrating right? Comparable situation! Let’s avoid creating that frustration for your potential candidates!

Think about this scenario…Your biggest competitor just let go X number of employees! Remember Suzie Q we lost to the competition before? Let’s see where she stands at this point with her career and not lose her to someone else. It could be a VERY GOOD time to touch base with those purple unicorns you had in your interviewing process but may have missed out on the timing. Just a quick check-in can go a very long way - you won't regret it!