How a Direct JD Leads to More Applicants

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When it comes time for your organization to start hiring, the job description (JD) is a key factor in getting potential applicants. It is one of the first, if not only things potential applicants view before applying to a job. When reviewing the JD, candidates are very cut and dry when it comes to thinking they are a match for a position. Most people will not even apply to the role if they feel they do not fit every single qualification stated. Learn why an honest, realistic, and direct JD will help get you the kinds of applicants you want and that will attribute to your organization’s future success.

Applicants set a mental checklist for themselves when deciding on whether to apply for a job. When they view a JD, most will not apply if they feel they do not match the description 100%. This is important to note because when you are creating a JD make sure that your hard requirements or “must-haves” are true and honest. Being honest with yourself about the “must-haves” of your job will open up a greater candidate pool. If you have something stated under the requirements but it is really just a preferred or a “would be nice to have” qualification, you are unknowingly missing out on a whole pool of applicants.
Remember that potential applicants take the JD very literally. For example, if your JD says you are looking for someone with 5+ years of experience, but you are actually fine with someone with only three years of experience, make sure you say that OR give a range of the number of years! Potential applicants will see 5+ years and automatically disqualify themselves even though they would be a great fit for the role, and you now have lost that applicant…who could have been your next Rockstar!

Another way to get more applicants based on your JD is to be direct. This means a one-to-two-page JD, not a five-page short story. These potential applicants will lose interest just because of the length. When making your JD, be straightforward and concise to keep potential applicants involved and excited about the role. If not, potential applicants will view the JD negatively and as more of a chore, causing them not to apply.

So, the next time you are hiring and creating a JD remember the above tips for getting more applicants. Having a JD that is honest, realistic, and direct will help you get a greater pool of qualified candidates and more importantly will not deter qualified applicants from applying in the first place.