How Can Hiring Managers Help Companies Compete for Talent in a Candidate’s Market?

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It comes as no surprise that companies are having a hard time finding candidates coming out of a historical pandemic. What was once an employer’s market has shifted to a candidate’s market and organizations are often looking to recruiters or staffing agencies to find strong candidates quickly. With that said, hiring managers are actually more instrumental in the recruitment process than they might realize.

When an opening becomes available, a hiring manager should be able to briefly articulate why the role exists, how it impacts the business of the organization and what skills a successful candidate needs. This concrete first step will ensure anyone working on the hiring process will be on the same page as the hiring manager. The verbiage should be brief enough yet interesting enough to engage potential candidates whether in process or while networking opportunities present themselves.

Making sure that job descriptions are relevant and up to date for the needs of the role will assist candidates understanding the match required as well as support recruiting efforts on how to target the most suitable candidates.

If a hiring manager is fortunate enough to have a talent acquisition partner, make sure regularly scheduled check-ins are on the calendar to discuss challenges, ideas, processes and changes that may need to be made.

Sharing a job posting link with team members throughout the organization will help so that the job opportunity may have more views from potential job seekers. Using social media to brag a bit about what’s great about your company will definitely help!

Maybe your company:

  • Ensured employees were well taken care of in 2020 with a myriad of resources
  • Implemented a No Meeting Day
  • Exceeded 2020 goals
  • Moved to a hybrid workforce with flexibility in location or hours post pandemic
  • Established trust with employees with excellent communication and listening skills

When hiring managers establish an interview process, keeping the process limited to two interview dates not to exceed 4 people total, it is more appealing to candidates than drawn out follow-ups. Hiring managers can let all interview team members know why they’ve been selected as an interviewer and what they should be focusing on in the interview conversations.

Recruiters often hear from hiring managers that they want to compare candidates to others before making decisions but this will take more time and candidates are more likely to accept another job offer in this market. Moving fast to a decision may not feel comfortable but losing candidates when teams are short-staffed could result in more employee turnover.

When a job offer has been accepted by a candidate, hiring managers can contact the new hire before Day 1 to start building a trusting and supportive work relationship. If not, some other company may compete with an accepted offer.

2021 has proven to be a tough market to find talent. Companies, HR teams, TA departments or staffing agency partnerships are more likely to be successful when hiring managers are more involved than they ever have been before.