How Satisfied Are Your Employees?


We have turned the page to 2021, and although working remotely has become the norm rather than the exception, employee satisfaction has been high in most companies, even during these unprecedented times. Having greater flexibility, and less windshield time provides a better work/life balance and has shown not only to be a value-added to employees but to employers as well. With so many people working remotely, they have more flexibility to connect with co-workers for one to one conversations and bolster communication through weekly “roundtable” discussions over Zoom.

As managers, staying close to our employees is more critical than ever! Assuring job satisfaction, feeling a sense of cohesiveness, along with overall confidence and stability within the company is critical.

Here are some ways to work with your employees and form a closer bond:

  • Set-up weekly video calls.
  • Cohort on projects wherever possible, so employees don’t feel isolated
  • Show that you care about your employees on both a professional and personal level.
  • Ask how they are feeling about their day-to-day work. Focus on what is and is not working. Asking what you can do to help is a much better approach than offering advice. You may be surprised what someone shares as to what YOU can do to help?
  • Scheduling a virtual “team-call” is also a great way to bring the team together and share best practices, ideas, and overall struggles the team has been experiencing. Consider hosting a fun activity late in the day to bring the team together, especially if there are newer members on the team. (Most people love a good trivia game!)
  • Celebrate their “wins!” Career growth remains a critical focus for everyone. Be sure to ask what they are looking to do? This is an excellent time for career planning.
  • The essence of coaching lies in unlocking others' potential. Inspire employees to adopt new habits. Encourage them to make themselves vulnerable with you so that you become not only their boss but also their career mentor and coach. Ask them to focus on building their strengths and codifying their achievements. The stronger their achievement mindset and the accomplishments they garner, the better for your department and company as a whole.
  • Keeping everyone communicating, connected, and knowing the company cares is more important than ever to maintain a happy and healthy culture.

Overall, employee wellness is necessary for building a stronger company and keeping your employees happy! Implementing some simple practices such as checking in on your employees, and sharing your own struggles will go along way with employee retention and engagement.