Is Human Resources Adding Value to Your Firm?

According to a recent study by The Conference Board, the top challenge for CEOs worldwide is Human Capital (read – hiring talent and effectively managing it). Yet firm leaders frequently say Human Resources is not adding the value needed for their company to achieve its goals.

Here some possible reasons why.

  1. HR is wearing an “old hat.” Traditionally, HR was viewed as a series of transactions not an integrated, strategically aligned contributor to firm success.

    Today, HR planning and actions need to be grounded in specific business realities. Gaining this insight means knowing the competitive environment, firm strategies and objectives, and available resources.

    These insights then inform HR decisions designing and deploying the HR toolkit to meet the business’s unique needs.

  2. HR may need an upgrade. There’s nothing inherently “wrong” with the traditional HR functions e.g. recruiting, compensation, benefits. If HR’s input ends there, you may be missing key pieces.

    Integrating organizational development – culture support, change management, coaching, team building, coaching – and employee communications approaches, can help HR power up its contribution.

    Essentially this is moving from providing core HR (to some extent a “have to have”) to fostering “organizational effectiveness” (a “want to have.”).

  3. Is it about HR or about leadership? We’ve all heard the trope, “What gets measured is what gets done.” Does your firm’s performance dashboard include key Human Capital metrics? Do you ensure that HR practices designed to power up business performance are being effectively implemented across the organization? Does your HR leader have a seat at the leadership table for key discussions?

How The O’Connor Group can help

The O’Connor Group provides clients with experienced, productive, flexible Human Resources Consultants who can help your HR team evaluate and “power up” current performance. Our consulting skills include Organizational Development and Communications. We are perfectly positioned to help you achieve the organizational effectiveness you want — both from HR and your firm.

As always, The O’Connor Group is here for you. Please let us know if you need any assistance by contacting Ann Colby-Cummings at