Recruiting in a Tight, Passive Market: The Post Pandemic Demand to Hire

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Post-pandemic, we have seen a total 180 in the corporate hiring world. Candidates are calling the shots and they are seeking a healthy work-life balance, remote capabilities, or the opportunity to work in a space that makes them feel most motivated and focused. In addition to this, candidates are also seeking affordable benefits and a competitive salary package, fair or unlimited vacation and mental health days, job stability, and true advancement potential. As most of us in talent acquisition are seeing, it is a “candidate’s market.” With physical and mental health becoming a top priority for employees, if one organization can’t offer a competitive overall opportunity, the next one will! That is why, if you are job-seeking right now; you are in an excellent place to have options and ultimately find the best fit for you, your family, your career, and your lifestyle.

From a hiring management standpoint, it is a great time to build out your team with top talent, while keeping in mind that a short and sweet interview process is the way to go. Candidates are flying on and off the market due to this post-pandemic hiring demand; and for that reason, extra steps, presentations, or assessments, even an onsite interview over a virtual interview, can potentially lead to losing a candidate to another offer or quicker interview process. During the interview process, making sure to mention job stability and internal growth are critical points to touch on with interested candidates. It’s primarily what they are looking for in the current market.

What I have come to notice is, that on some level, it will always be a “candidates’ market”. There are so many companies hiring after the major 2020 layoffs, and people are having many options to choose from, to further their career, but also, making choices based on family time, daycare, maternity leave, hybrid, or remote flexibility. Overall, a job that fits into their life, not a job that IS their life. The way of the working world has changed forever, so what is it about your opportunity and your organization that will set you apart from the many other companies hiring?

Recruiters and Sourcers, this is an excellent time to craft a pitch that is competitive, transparent, flexible, offers promotional growth, and is prepared early on in discussions to disclose the details in an overall package. Candidates, this is a good time to be looking for new roles, and a good time to make the best choice for you, your health, your family, and your overall wellbeing as a professional as you take the next step in your career. Hiring managers, this is a great time to be hiring, and a great time to bring in top talent—so opening new roles and promoting within is a great idea as we enter the 2022 new year! With this effort from all parties involved—everyone wins, and everyone will end up satisfied. Here’s to a new year, a new job, a remote/ hybrid office space, a new team, and new opportunities to grow!