Resume Writing Do's & Don'ts

Talent Acquisition Housekeeping A Year End Checklist

Wondering if your resume has what it takes to make you stand out? Check out our Do's & Don'ts of crafting the perfect resume!


  • Feel free to use more than 1 sheet of paper, but try not to write a novel.
  • Update your summary to reflect the responsibilities of the role in which you are applying.
  • Start with your most recent experience and work backward. No one wants to watch a movie in reverse, but this is the best way to tell your employment story.
  • Keywords are important! Be descriptive and incorporate as much of your experience and skills as possible.
  • We love DATA! Quantify your successes and contributions were possible.
  • Be mindful of your personal email should still be reflective of a professional image. If you don’t want to change your fun email, set up a unique mailbox just for professional communications.
  • Be creative. Take time to make the formatting of your resume stand out in the electronic pile.
  • Ask someone to review, edit, and critique the final draft...especially a hiring manager or someone in your field that can add value or share what they could be looking for that you forgot!


  • You’re beautiful, inside and out. But, please, no photos on resumes unless you are a model and it’s your headshot.
  • Keep confidential information confidential. We don’t want to have your birthdate or social security number.
  • Help us get to know you, but don’t overshare. Save that for the rapport building time during the interview process.
  • Resume writing can be hard, but if you use a template don’t leave the {INSERT JOB TITLE HERE} box unedited if you didn’t use all the templated areas.
  • Those skills you have, keep them relevant. We don’t need to know that you can use the internet. Odds are you’ve got that mastered. Tell us about the stuff that makes you unique!
  • Scrap the resume that Indeed generated for you. Take the time to upload a professional word or pdf document onto job boards and organizations hiring sites. It shows effort and suggests a higher level of interest.