The Connector: Edition 11

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Welcome Back!

In February we celebrate Black History Month. Throughout the month we would like to highlight individuals who paved the path towards equality, and this week we are excited to present an amazing Philadelphia native Marian Anderson.

Marian Anderson, was an American contralto, that caused her to be well recognized across the U.S. and Europe for her voice. Marian was invited to sing at multiple events at the Lewisohn Stadium in New York, Carnegie Hall, and even was invited to sing for President Franklin D. Roosevelt and his wife Eleanor at the White House, the first African American ever to receive this honor.

Not all of America was opening to Marian, however. She was turned down from singing at Washington D.C.'s Constitution Hall. This caused a major uprising, that even Eleanor Roosevelt joined. Marian continued to stay determined and did not let individuals stop her from sharing her gift.

Through times of resistance, Marian continued to spread her positivity and her gift of her voice and perseverance in a difficult world. Today we remember her and thank her for her strength, her resiliency, and for paving the way for generations to come.

How are you recognizing and celebrating Black History Month in your workplace?

1. OSHA Issues Worker Safety Guidance

On January 29th OSHA issued worker safety guidance for Coronavirus protection. The updated guidelines suggest that employees wear face coverings at all times while on the job site, unless actively consuming food or beverages. The new guidelines also state that employers must be responsible for providing employees with the face mask, and replacement masks if their current one gets ruined. Read the full SHRM article here!

To discuss enhanced mask protection or any other COVID-19 questions, join us tomorrow, February 4th at 3:00 PM for Ask HR Office Hours. You can jump on to ask your burning HR question, or stay for the whole hour to hear what others are asking. We hope to see you there! Register here!

2. Toolkit for Covid-19 Vaccine Communication Released by The CDC

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has released a COVID-19 vaccination communication toolkit aimed at employers of essential workers designed to raise awareness about vaccination benefits and educate employees. The toolkit includes templates to address internal units and workers. Thanks to HR Drive, they also have this letter to essential workers available which explains the vaccine and also information on the importance of continuing to wear masks. Check out the whole HR Drive article here!

3. Work More Collaboratively With Your Team

Have you heard of Trello? This is a perfect way for you and your team to create a detailed project plan. Trello lets you keep track of the different stages of your plan until they are all marked complete. Some of our other project management tools are, Wrike, and Smartsheet. Having these tools will allow your whole team to understand what still needs to be done to complete the project! Take a look at one of our favorite books: Project Management for the Unofficial Project Manager!

4. Work Smarter...Not Harder With Recruiting

As we come flying into the new year, it is important to slow down and focus on some crucial steps we might be skipping over in the recruiting process. This article reminds us of the simple steps such as sourcing, requesting employee referrals, or revisiting old resumes that could be easier forgotten. These steps can save lots of time, and help you find that rockstar candidate! Read the full recruitment article here!

5. Unwind From Your Stressful Day With Virtual Yoga

Looking to slow down and stretch out? Yoga Home is the perfect solution for you to destress after a long day. Join their live-streamed classes or prerecorded sessions to fit them into your busy schedule! They even have yoga for kids! This is a great way to get the whole family moving and staying active in the cold winter months! To register for your yoga classes click here!

Some of our other favorite yoga subscriptions are Peloton, CorePower Yoga, and Bulldog Yoga. There is something for everyone! Read about the 15 benefits of yoga here!

6. How to Cancel Out That Background Noise

Do you have loud children or crying babies in your background? Do you have to hide to take conference calls? What if your dog is barking downstairs? Remote Team has found five different game-changing apps and software you can download to eliminate this background noise. Especially in our new Zoom world, this will be a lifesaver for your meetings! Read the full Remote Team blog here!

7. Let's Go Local!

There is nothing we love more than supporting small businesses. Check out some of our favorites right now!

Valentine's Day is right around the corner! Check out this awesome article from Philadelphia Style with their top ideas on how to celebrate in the city. The Philadelphia Caller is also sharing food and drink specials for the holiday of love! ❤️

Have you ever been to the small town of Doylestown? This cute town has lots of shops and restaurants to explore. While you are there check out Domani Star, a delicious Italian restaurant with the best homemade dishes!

Do you feel stuck in the house? Visit Peace Valley Park! This is a gorgeous escape to visit to get out of the house, stretch your legs, and enjoy some fresh air!

Do you have a sweet tooth? Max Brenner located right in Philadelphia has exactly what you need to satisfy every craving! Milkshakes, brownies, or fondue are all included in their delicious chocolate menu!

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