The Connector: Edition 13

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Well, my friends, the weather forecast is looking up and Spring is upon us! 🌷 Welcome back to another edition of The Connector. We're glad you're here!

March is a very special time for us...It's Women's History Month! To celebrate and honor Women's History Month, we will be sharing some local heroes who have made a remarkable impact on society.

Alice Paul, who lived in Philadelphia for a portion of her life, was a suffragist, feminist, and women's rights activist, who was emboldened to stand up for her beliefs. Paul co-founded the Congressional Union, which fought for a constitutional amendment for women's suffrage, and she founded the National Woman’s Party, dedicated to constitutionally protected equal rights issues. Paul was also known for organizing parades and pickets in Washington D.C. with famous signs that read, "Mr. President, how long must women wait for liberty?" These protests were met with heavy resistance, and the protesters were attacked by spectators. Police arrested and jailed the protestors, Paul being one of them. Once jailed, she organized a hunger strike, to continue her fight for women's suffrage.

Paul's legacy continues to live on because of her strong voice that refused to be quieted even when met with extreme opposition. We celebrate the legacy of brave women like Alice Paul this month who built a movement for change.

1. Join Us For Our Spring Panel

Do you feel like your company has a well-thought-out and dynamic onboarding program? Do you want to stand out from the crowd when attracting top talent?

We will discuss these proven tips to address the questions above along with more insights in our upcoming Successful Remote Onboarding Programs on March 11th from 9:00 to 10:30 AM ET! Can't attend but still interested in the content? We've got you covered! Register and we will send you a recording. To register, click here!

2. New CDC Guidelines to Covid-19 Testing and Travel

Pre-flight testing is now mandatory to fly in and out of the United States. This article reflects on who this affects, what countries are covered, and which tests are allowed. So, before booking your next trip outside of the U.S. make sure you read this article to ensure you are cleared to fly! Read the full Wall Street Journal article here!

3. Governor Wolf Changes Occupancy Mandates

Hot off the press, Governor Wolf has changed his occupancy mandates for indoor and outdoor gatherings and out-of-state travel. Indoor gatherings are now allowed to be at 15% occupancy while outdoor gatherings rose to 20%. Also, you no longer have to show a negative Covid-19 test or quarantine for 14 days once visiting another state. However, he still advises caution when attending activities or travel. To read about all of the changes, click here!

4. Over 1,600 Coursera Courses still FREE!

Take classes by instructors around the world, with Coursera. Instead of going through Coursera and trying to sift through which courses are free or not, check out this article. The article organized the free courses by category including science, personal development, computer science, business, art & design, and more. Now is the time to try something new...why wait?!

5. Spring Break During Covid-19

I think we can all accept that Spring break is going to look different than it did last year. Luckily for us, our friends at created the perfect guide on how to navigate spring break from staycations to vacations! Whether it's making your own vacation in your backyard, safety tips on how to share food, or travel trips that will help keep you safe...Bankrate has you covered! Check out the full article here!

6. Museums Are Deemed Safe During Pandemic

The museum and art industry really took a hit when the Global Pandemic began, but now experts are saying they are safe to resume. Researchers at the Berlin Institute of Technology say the risk of COVID-19 transmission is far lower in museums and theaters than in supermarkets, restaurants, offices, or public transportation. If you and your family are comfortable, help support the hurting arts industry and book your tickets to your favorite museum today! Read the full article here!

7. This Friday is Employee Appreciation Day!

Check out these great ideas to help celebrate your Employees this year. Don’t forget...if you don’t have much of a budget, a simple call and ‘thank you’ goes a long way, too!

Here are a few of our favorite ways to show we care:

Click here for more ideas to make your team smile!

8. Let's Go Local!

There is nothing we love more than supporting small businesses. Check out some of our favorites right now!

Speaking of museums, check out The Barnes Museum located in downtown Philadelphia! With all types of exhibits that are constantly changing, it is an amazing experience for art lovers! Plan your next visit here!

To celebrate Women's History Month, plan to take the Badass Women's History Tour. Hear about cool colonial women, change-makers, women in medicine, and more pioneers who have made their mark on this city of brother love and sisterly affection. Book your private tour here!

While sightseeing in Philly, you will get hungry! Book a reservation at Maggiano's Little Italy. This delicious Italian restaurant will be a perfect date night destination!

We Need Your Help...

Girls on the Run is a life-changing program for 8 to 13-year-old girls that promotes girl empowerment by teaching life skills through lessons and running. This is a great organization to get involved with, especially in the spring to get outside with your kids! To learn more or make a donation, click here!