The Connector: Edition 14

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Happy St. Patrick's Day 2021! Across the nation, many St. Patrick's Day parades have now been canceled for the second year in a row. However, the Irish holiday hasn't been called off completely! USA Today is sharing their news around Stimulus checks, green beer, free doughnuts, and more amazing deals on tap today!

Let's start with some fun facts:

1) The real St. Patrick was born in Britain.

2) There were no snakes around for St. Patrick to banish from Ireland.

3) Leprechauns are likely based on Celtic fairies.

4) The Shamrock was considered a sacred plant.

5) The first St. Patrick's Day was held in America.

6) The Irish were once Scorned in America.

7) Corned Beef and Cabbage was an American Innovation.

St. Patrick's Day is grounding in history that dates back more than 1,500 years. The earliest known celebrations were held in the 17th century. To learn more about the above fun facts and holiday history and how it evolved into the event it is today, click here!

1. ARPA Doesn't Require Leave

The American Rescue Plan Act of 2021 (ARPA) which was signed into law on March 11th, doesn't require FFCRA paid and emergency family leave. However, the FFCRA tax credits were extended and expanded by ARPA, incentivizing small and midsize employers to provide paid time off for FFCRA and new COVID-19-related reasons. Click here to read the full SHRM article!

2. Signature Events You Won't Want to Miss!

Ask HR Office Hours is the perfect place to ask your burning HR questions. We cover topics from compliance, to Covid-19 procedures in the workplace, to employee relations issues, and beyond! Join us this Thursday, March 18th at 3:00 PM and ask your questions or jump into the discussion to hear what others are asking.

Are you a strategic talent leader looking to connect with other like-minded individuals? Join us for Talent Talks on April 1st at 8:30 AM ET, and we aren't fooling you! This interactive session will discuss Top Trends Around Sourcing Techniques to aid in employee retention.

3. Top Do's and Don'ts for Recruiters on Social Media

Want to know what will make or break your recruitment advertising? We are loving this article that breaks down the basics of recruitment on social media to ensure that you are hitting all the key points and avoiding mistakes. From audience and visuals to the copy and headlines, you will become an expert on sourcing new top talent for your organization. To read the full HR Tech News article, click here!

4. Modernize Your Corporate Philanthropy

Charity done well is the key to keeping purpose-driven employees! Not only does a giving program help attract new employees, but it also keeps current employees engaged, promotes a sense of affinity for the company, and broadens a company’s connection to its community. Follow the steps outlined in this HR Morning article to modernize your philanthropy program at your company!

At The O'Connor Group, helping others is the core of our business. In addition to other internal committees, our Philanthropic Committee, #ConnectorsWhoCare, dedicates their time and resources to a different local non-profit in need each month. It truly makes our team feel more connected to the community, confident in their daily efforts, and genuinely happier. Contact us to hear more about our philanthropic work and ideas on how you can incorporate this into your workplace.

5. Pandemic Fatigue Affecting The Workplace

Are you noticing that your employees seem exhausted? It might not be their fault. Pandemic fatigue is becoming a common phrase, used to describe the anxiety and distractfulness employees are feeling. It is important to understand and be proactive in the workplace to ensure your employees are performing at their best ability. Check out this SHRM article that dives into the causes, effects, and steps to take to help reduce the fatigue.

6. Get The Full Museum Experience, Virtually

Check out Million Mile Secret's guide, which gives you a full list of museums that provides you with a virtual cultural and educational experience during these challenging times. These 13 museums are best for distance learners, art lovers, science techies, history buffs, and anyone seeking new experiences during the quarantine. There are even choices of museums that kids will love! Check out all the cool museums here!

Ready to hit the museums in person? Many of Philadelphia’s museums have begun to reopen with new health and safety measures in place to keep guests and employees safe. Discover Philadelphia has your go-to list of all of the best ones to check out when you're ready!

7. Let's Go Local!

Can you believe that Opening Day at Citizens Bank Park is right around the corner?! On Thursday, April 1st, fans will return to the stadium for the home game against the Atlanta Braves. As the weather gets warmer and you are looking for other ways to get out of the house, check out these 25 things to do in Philadelphia in the Spring of 2021!

In West Philadelphia and looking to get a yummy treat? Check out Lil Pop Shop for the best popsicles and pies! No artificial ingredients or dyes are ever used. Just fresh fruit, sugar, herbs, spices, organic eggs, milk, yogurt, & cream. Nothing better than enjoying a delicious treat while supporting a local business!

Looking for a fun outdoor activity? Try this Murder Mystery walking tour through May 30th in Peddler's Village! You will be tasked with solving this 130-year-old murder...can you figure out who did it?

8. Girls on the Run - Our Future Leaders!

We continue to honor Women's History Month by supporting our friends at Girls on the Run of Southeastern Suburban PA. Girls on the Run has been inspiring girls to know and activate their limitless potential and boldly pursue their is so much more than running!

It isn't too late to help them celebrate their 15 year Anniversary. Between April 1st and April 15th, you can participate in a variety of virtual events or choose your special way to give back. Check out all of their volunteer opportunities here!

Have a great week and remember to boldly pursue YOUR dreams!

Wellness Wednesday...

Wanting to get into meditation and mindfulness, but don't know where to start? The Calm app has hundreds of guided meditations that can help you start your journey. It also includes stories to help you fall asleep at night, or just soft sounds to use as background noise!