The Connector: Edition 15

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Welcome back to the 15th Edition of The Connector! It's truly amazing to see this Newsletter, which started as a COVID-19 hub of information, progress into a piece of content helping all to thrive. Thank you for your messages, feedback, tips, resources, and more that you have provided over the past year. Our vision has come to life...and we couldn't do it without YOU!

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1. Dr. B Helps You Find Vaccination Appointments

Everyone can agree that finding a vaccination appointment is TOUGH! Well, Dr. B can connect you with local providers with extra doses using a standby system. This will allow you to get text messages when vaccine doses become available near you. Sign up today to join this standby list and get your vaccination if it's right for you! Sign up for your vaccination here!

2. To Return or Not to Return to the Office

With vaccines becoming more readily available, companies can start to wonder if returning to the office is right for them. Everyone has gotten used to having no commute, and all the other luxuries of working from home. This SHRM article explains why returning to work can increase productivity, but also combats the issue by convincing employees to return to the office.

3. How to Address COVID-19 Gaps on Resumes

There were many reasons why individuals left the workplace last year, whether, through layoffs or needing to leave for childcare purposes, the labor force certainly took a hit. Now individuals are starting to return back with gaps on their resumes. This article explains through the recruiter's eyes how to handle these situations, and it all starts with empathy.

4. Driving Recruitment with Out of Home

We can't talk about recruitment & talent acquisition without acknowledging the huge effect the pandemic has had on employment and hiring. As businesses work through this period of economic recovery, it will be important to remember that Out of Home media drives recruitment from a number of different angles. Our friends at EMC Outdoor put out a super insightful blog that dives into how Out of Home Media drives recruitment with proximity targeting, keeping the pipeline full, amplifying your digital media channels, reaches new markets, provides flexibility in messaging and supports your brand initiatives. Check out the full blog here!

5. Gift Cards for Any Appetite at Work!

Want to show your employees your appreciation? DoorDash has a simple solution for you! One survey found that 79% of employees don’t feel appreciated at work, which can lead to low morale, decreased productivity, and high employee turnover. Now more than ever it is important to show your employees how much your care and what better way than sending something everyone loves: Food! Check out the whole DoorDash article here!

6. Why HR Professionals Perform Tasks Outside Their Duties

According to the results of HR Dive's 2021 Identity of HR Survey, which drew responses from 419 self-identified HR professionals, approximately 75% of respondents said they performed duties outside of the HR department, either on an ad hoc basis or as a permanent part of their jobs. Read the full HR Drive article to learn more about these responsibilities HR professionals are taking on, and why Human Resources has a seat at the table.

7. Let's Go Local!

Looking to head into Philadelphia, but already anticipating the nightmare of parking? The Auto Park at Independence Mall is now offering free parking on Saturdays when you buy an attraction ticket at the Independence Visitor Center! Click here to learn more details on how to claim your free parking in Philly!

The Global Philadelphia Association is celebrating the International Day for Monuments and Sites on April 18th by holding a “Reopen House Day” welcoming visitors back to the region’s National Historic Landmarks! Over 20 historic sites will be offering tours, virtual programs, special events, and discounts. To learn more, click here!

Missing the Easter Bunny this year? Linvilla Orchards hosts a "Hayride to Bunnyland" that your kid will LOVE. Buy your tickets here, and create great memories with your little ones this holiday season.

8. Signature Events You Won't Want to Miss

Ask HR Office Hours is the perfect place to ask your burning HR questions. We cover topics from compliance, to Covid-19 procedures in the workplace, to employee relations issues, and beyond! Join us tomorrow, April (Yes, April) 1st at 3:00 PM ET and ask your questions or jump into the discussion to hear what others are asking.

Are you a strategic talent leader looking to connect with other like-minded individuals? Join us tomorrow, April 1st at 8:30 AM ET for Talent Talks. This interactive session will discuss Top Trends Around Sourcing Techniques to aid in employee retention.

Wellness Wednesday...

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