The Connector: Edition 17

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May is right around the corner and the weather is here to stay! With the sun shining down on us, it will be harder and harder to keep your teams engaged after 3:00 PM...How can you blame them?!

Here at The O'Connor Group, we've gotten really creative with keeping our employees engaged. Our 80's-themed Town Hall Meeting and Virtual Cooking Class with our friends from 12th Street Catering did NOT disappoint! It was totally bodacious 🎉Need ideas on engagement activities to satisfy all personalities? Give us a buzz...we're here to help!

1. Lawmakers Seek Clarity on EEOC Regulations

Lawmakers are now seeking clarity on EEOC regulations concerning incentives for COVID-19 incentives. Concerns about privacy and the varying positions on the vaccine are the main topic when offering incentives. They have ruled that providing incentives does not violate the Americans with Disability Act (ADA) or other jurisdictions in the EEOC. Read more about how incentives can affect your business, and the precautions you must take around the subject by clicking here!

2. 5 Culture Trends For 2021

We all know company culture can be a selling point when trying to retain talent. When trying to cut costs during the pandemic, there was a 49% decrease in company engagement; but this article explains that just because you cut costs, your culture doesn't have to go with it. There are many free alternatives that allow you to display your culture. Learn about all the issues that have raised during the pandemic regarding culture, and how to work around them to engage your employees. To read the full O.C. Tanner article, click here!

Here at The O'Connor Group, we have kept our company culture strong even throughout the pandemic, with low-cost virtual activities. Contact us to learn more about how we kept our culture thriving!

3. How I-9 Forms Have Changed Through The Pandemic

"Form I-9 verifies an employee's authorization to work in the U.S. Every employer must have one for every employee, and it's mandated that the form must be completed within three business days of an employee's start date." - HR Drive. The pandemic has changed the way we now accept I-9 forms, but it won't stay that way forever. Eventually, we will go back to having to accept the I-9 form in person. To learn more about the changes in 1-9 forms, click here!

4. Employees Want Remote Work

"More than two-thirds (68 percent) of U.S. workers would prefer a hybrid workplace model after the pandemic ends" - According to this survey. Thanks to our friend Sonia Calvano who showed us this article, about returning to work and how employees enjoy the flexibility that remote work offers, we gain insight into how the pandemic has changed employees' minds. It also explains how individuals whose company does not offer a hybrid work option in the future, will look for another company that does. Check out the full article here.

5. How The Pandemic Has Affected Engagement In The Interviewing Process

Being in this virtual world has created some pros and cons to recruiting. The process of interviewing has become quicker, with no more travel or wait times, allowing the hiring manager to conduct more interviews in a short amount of time. But it also has decreased the connection that individuals make with the applicant. You can't beat the face-to-face connections that are generated from in-person meetings. Read about all the pros and cons of virtual interviewing by clicking here!

6. CDC Issues New Guidance On Interacting Outdoors When Fully Vaccinated

“Over the past year, we have spent a lot of time telling Americans what they cannot do, what they should not do,” CDC director Rochelle Walensky said at a White House briefing. “Today, I’m going to tell you some of the things you can do if you are fully vaccinated." - Walensky. Now, the CDC says you can go outside walking, jogging, or biking outdoors without a mask if you are vaccinated. This guidance is in the hope to help individuals return to their normal lives. Read the full Washington Post article here.

7. Coffee and Connections Life Sciences

This group is designed to provide resources, tips, inspiration, and of course, connections for professionals in the Life Sciences industry experiencing a career transition or thinking about making a jump. Please join us on Tuesday, May 4th from 8:00 to 9:00 AM for Coffee and Connections Life Sciences! Special guest Tracy S. Brala Vice President, Ecosystem Development University City Science Center, will provide insight regarding career transition and how to be successful through your journey. Register here!

8. Have You Heard Our Podcast?

Top 3 is hosted by Marcia O'Connor who has special guests come on and share their secrets to a successful business. Our latest episode is featuring John Ratliff. John and his team work with values-driven growth companies to align around no more than 5 key initiatives or priorities at any given time as a way to ensure focus and execution. Come hear from the best on how to prioritize in your company! Listen to it on Apple Music, here!

9. Let's Go Local!

Want to take a trip to China Town in Philadelphia but don't know where to eat? Don't worry... this guide explores the 25 best restaurants that you have to try!

It's fun to stay at the Y.M.C.A!! Join the Greater Philadelphia Y on May 1st for an outside Healthy Kids Day event. Enjoy fun activities for the whole family, learn more about the Y's programs, and discover new ways to stay active and healthy. Registration is required so sign up for your spot now!

For Cinco De Mayo this year, support a local restaurant... Más Mexicali Cantina in West Chester! Enjoy some nachos, enchiladas, and tacos with a nice margarita! If the weather is nice, they even have a rooftop deck!

Wellness Wednesday...

Workplace wellness has been a hot topic, especially given our changing circumstances. It is always important to take a step back and evaluate if there is anything you can do to change your stress levels. This article gives you five quick tips on how to distress and change to make your workday more efficient.