The Connector: Edition 22

The Connector Newsletter 2

We hope you had a wonderful and safe Fourth of July! We are happy to share that our hardworking team members are enjoying summer and taking some well-deserved vacation time. The best part...The O'Connor Group is still near and dear, even when they are kayaking and snorkeling in Rainbow Springs State Park in Tampa, Florida! Get out there and enjoy summer...before it's over! 😁


1. Why Did The Chicken Cross The Road? To Make Genuine Connections With His Colleagues

Naomi Bagdonas and Connor Diemand-Yauman sit down and discuss how humor can be a superpower in business. The way we interact with our coworkers is changing, especially in our Zoom world. Leaders with a sense of humor are seen as more motivating and admired and their teams are 15% more engaged. Humor can help us form genuine connections and intellectual safety among our colleagues. Watch this video to see why incorporating humor, can boost morale in your company.

2. FCRA Laws Will Limit "No Harm" Class Actions

A recent hearing on June 25th states that only plaintiffs who are concretely harmed may sue in federal court to help stop "no-harm" class actions in those courts. The hearing made clarifications that a future risk does not mean concrete harm and to be able to state a claim to the Fair Credit Reporting Act there must be a report to a third party. Check out this SHRM article to learn how this could affect your organization.

3. Explore Your Fun Side At Treehouse World

Our friends at Treehouse World in West Chester, PA are bouncing back from a tough 2020 and seem on pace to surpass 2019 attendance numbers now that people are ready to resume birthday parties, day camp, and having fun in public. There are new baby goats, chickens, and guinea hens along with a new treehouse near the Buccaneer Zipline. A new toddler village of four playhouses is under construction due to open in early Fall 2021. Check out their website and book your fun adventure today!

4. Who Can Know About Employee Vaccination?

This SHRM article breaks down when and if different people in an organization can know about an employee being vaccinated. It further goes on to discuss if employees are allowed to display that they have been vaccinated in form of a sticker or button. These answers are complicated because vaccination status is considered confidential medical information. Make sure you are compliant with regulations in your organization.

5. The Workforce: The Rise Of Gen Z

The first round of Gen Zers entered the workforce in 2017, and now they are flooding in. With this generation, their motivators and learning style are different than any generation we have seen before. This HR Morning article dives into how to best train your Gen Z employees to get the most out of their performance, and in return, you will see a tremendous payoff.

6. Is Permanent Work From Home A Reasonable Accommodation?

Lexology helps break down an issue many of us may be facing. An employee doesn't want to return to work and received a note from a psychiatrist saying she is unfit to return. What can the employer do in this situation? Lexology cites the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission and Americans with Disabilities Act to provide insight on the employer's options, and the dialogue they can use to start a conversation.

7. Let's Go Local...

Have you tried Dining Under The Stars in Media, PA? They shut down the streets on Wednesday evenings and restaurants bring their tables outside, so you can stroll, shop, and dine all night long!

Visit Philadelphia put together a helpful guide on fun things you can do this weekend! Blueberry festivals, free fitness classes, and a spin around the Rothman Orthopedics Roller Rink before it closes for the season are all great activities to look forward to!

Connect with the environment with these amazing beach yoga classes! If you are in the Sea Isle City area, these classes are perfect for your whole family. Reserve your spot here!

We Need Your Help...

We are supporting HealthWorks Academies as our July Connectors Who Care organization. HealthWorks Academies comprehensive model uniquely delivers an enhanced high school STEM curriculum and experiential learning, coupled with career education and mentoring to inspire, engage, and prepare students to progress to professional healthcare and life science careers. Their goal is to bring needed talent including women, Black, Latinx, and rural students with skills and intercultural competence to lead the next generation. To learn more or get involved, click here!