The Connector: Edition 29

The Connector Newsletter 2


It's feeling like fall y'all...well, every other day when mother nature wants to cooperate 😀.

We are gearing up for a fun week at The O'Connor Group.

On Thursday, we have our quarterly Town Hall. At our Town Hall, we share how the company is doing, and all of our managers partake in the presentation! The team loves to see where we are going and what's our PURPOSE! Our team really gets very excited for our themed Town Hall's. This one is Halloween themed and we will have prizes for the most creative, scariest, and best theme. 🎃

Every other week, we also share our internal newsletter with our team - called The O'Chronicle. It's jammed packed with what is going on in the company over the next two weeks! Another great way to communicate - especially since we don't see everyone as much as we used to!

We hope you are planning Halloween fun with your team this month and feel free to share with us your pictures and ideas FUN and COMMUNICATION!

1. We Know Work Ethic, But What About Rest Ethic?

Leaders have a top-notch work ethic, with the ability to execute, coordinate, and manage at a very high level. Rest is a skill that needs to be learned, and at times it needs to be scheduled and protected.

A solid rest ethic can provide inspiration, ideas, and recovery. Good rest requires a full detachment from work. Fast Company shares ways to disconnect from work and focus on your rest ethic!

2. Rediscover Joy at Work

Happy employees are 12% more productive and HR leaders want to be part of creating that positive company culture. It's never been more difficult to infuse happiness at work- employees don't interact as often, front-line managers can't give their ideal level of hands-on coaching...and it's stressful!

HR Morning dives into ways you can your leadership team can create a better, joyful culture.

3. Hot Desking...

Hybrid is the new norm and companies will need to continue to offer a hybrid workplace culture do to keep their employees from leaving.

Have you heard about Hot Desking? Hot-desking creates a more flexible real estate footprint to maintain hybrid workplace culture. FORRESTER dives into the benefits of hot- desking and how it can create a collaborative environment, foster innovation, creativity, and more!

4. National Women's Small Business Month

Make the switch to support women-owned businesses! October is National Women's Small Business Month and it is kicking off with a campaign in support of women-owned businesses.

By making ONE switch, we can raise awareness, encourage others to be advocates for women entrepreneurs, create a buzz of AMAZINGNESS, and provide an economic boost to women-owned businesses!

5. Office Vacancies in Philadelphia

The pandemic caused many organizations to rethink their office footprint. Today, there is about 18.75 million square feet of Class A & Class B vacancy in Center City and surrounding suburbs, compared to the 13.75 million prior to the pandemic.

Landlords know the office supply will continue to exceed demand, prices may drop, and can place pressure to cut deals. Philadelphia Business Journal shares the great opportunity for today's tenants and how landlords are feeling the impact of office vacancies.

6. Enhance the Skills of Your Team

An important challenge that can exist within a company is forming a successful and committed work team. Entrepreneur discusses the importance of having your team members in the right seat, staying on track and transparent with goals and objectives, and more!

7. Let's Go Local...

We are about to make your mouth water! Miles Table in Philadelphia, PA is serving up all types of breakfast and lunch fixings. With two locations, Miles Table meticulously creates foods with the best ingredients possible!

Speaking of food...have you ever participated in a cooking class? Our friend, Allison Kumble Farcus owner of Sauté and Soiree. Allison offers virtual cooking classes, for families, friends, and it makes for a great team-building activity! Contact her to learn more!

Leaves are starting to change colors and the fall foliage is going to be breathtaking! Travel and Leisure shares a map that will tell you when your state will hit peak fall foliage. Take a picture, and send it to us!

Have a wonderful week...only 80 more days until 2022.

Wellness Wednesday...

Sleep...are you getting enough of it? The CDC recommends 7 hours or more per night. Let's face it, our minds are constantly thinking about our day, work, life, etc. and it can be hard to wind down.

Who knew there were foods you can eat to help you sleep as well? Healthline shares 9 Best Foods to help you sleep better.

The 4-7-8 method is a breathwork practice that helps relax the body and mind and eases you into sleep. It can also be used if you wake up in the middle of the night or at any point of the day when you want to feel calmer.

Lastly, there is a great TED Talk about how important sleep is - it's a quick listen. Matt Walker shares with us how sleep is your superpower and it's packed with data. Enjoy!