The Connector: Edition 32

The Connector Newsletter 2

Wow - what a year - Thanksgiving is TOMORROW! Where did this year go? We are so fortunate that you have been reading The Connector with us throughout the year - thank you for all of your kind words and suggestions! We have been so touched by so many! So now ...who is ready to eat? Turkey, mashed potatoes, casseroles, stuffing...yum! Get your Thanksgiving pants on! And if you venture out on Black Friday, you will certainly burn off many of those calories! least we hope that works!

We are so THANKFUL for our amazing team and love that they joined us through Zoom to wish each other a Happy Thanksgiving. We also surprised our team members with a Pecan Pie from Three Brothers Bakery! Not sure it's going to last untouched until Thanksgiving, but we can hope! It looks so YUMMY!

TOCGRP Culture Club Thanksgiving Hour!

(Ashley Reid, Erica Montagna, Jared Seltzer, Camille Jedwab, Jonathan Khalili, Alexa Mahalidge, Chapel Guarnieri, Stefen Spector, Brittany Le Jouan, Melissa Moneuse, & Anna Politi).

Talent Acquisition Lead Project Manager, Katie Perry with her delicious Pecan Pie!

Lastly, we are incredibly THANKFUL for all of YOU! We hope you have the opportunity to relax and spend time with family and friends this Thanksgiving! 🦃 We have so much to be thankful for this year!

1. CEOs Embrace a More Human Workplace

Burnout is accelerating the great resignation. CEOs need to embrace more human and caring workplaces to retain their employees.

Inc. shares the three C's that cause burnout: Control, Compensation, and Connection. In order to avoid burnout, CEOs and leaders must take these into consideration and address burnout. Check out the full article here.

2. Virtual Networking for Students

Prior to the pandemic, employers were heading to job fairs to recruit upcoming graduates. A year and a half into the pandemic, this process has changed, but it seems to be in favor of the students.

Handshake shares the student perspective on virtual networking and how this shift created a more balanced, less anxiety-inducing, and more accessible experience. For the employer, there is now a wider, more diverse talent pool, scaled engagement, and data to back their approach. Check out the full article here.

3. Women Leaders Take on Invisible Work

The pandemic applied tremendous pressure on leaders to rise up and support employees. Women leaders met the momentum yet took on many more responsibilities that came with it.

Harvard Business Review explains the term "invisible work" and how more needs to be done so that women leaders' efforts are treated like the indispensable work it is instead of like an after-hours, do-gooder volunteer drive. Check out the full article here.

4. Strategies to Win Back Your Team

How can you tell if your team is engaged? There is a need to bring on new team members whether your company is growing or facing employee turnover. Unfortunately, a lot of focus and energy is going into new hires and tenured employees are not feeling the love.

HR Morning dives into four personas of tenured employees and shares how to meet their needs when it comes to engagement. Check out the full article here.

5. Remote Workplace Harassment

There has been an increase in harassment, even in a remote workforce. By defining employee behavior expectations in writing, raising awareness for employees, and ensuring that managers are focused you can help set the tone for company culture. Check out the full article here.

6. Employee Appreciation and Holiday Celebrations

The holidays are fast approaching and planning mode is in full effect! There are so many ways you can engage with your team this holiday season and it can be done virtually, but not just through Zoom. Try secret Santa, a traveling gift box, a holiday company playlist, and more virtual ways to celebrate with your team. Check out the full article here.

7. Let's Go Local...

Give the Gift of Magical Memories with a membership to the Please Touch Museum this holiday season!

Have you been to Longwood Gardens during the holidays? Get your tickets and bring the family to check out their spectacular lights throughout the gardens.

Welcome to U-Ville! Uptown Beer Garden in Center City, Philadelphia has transformed into a whimsical holiday wonderland.

Not sure where to start for holiday site seeing? Visit Philly provides a fantastic list of venues and events to check out now through 2022!

Don't forget to have fun by looking at the Philly fun Guide - that gives you update to ways to have fun in and around Philadelphia! Enjoy!

So many great things to do - what are you doing this season - let us know!

Wellness Wednesday...

Winter is approaching. Stay healthy by not only keeping yourself bundled up but by maintaining healthy habits throughout the cold and flu season!

Check out these six tips for staying healthy in the cold weather season!

Did you know there are some great foods you should be eating to keep you healthy? Honey, lemon, garlic, ginger are just a few you need to know about! Here are several more!

Have a wonderful week...only 38 more days until 2022!

Get ready for those shopping deals on Friday!