The Connector: Edition 34

The Connector Newsletter 2

Can you believe Christmas is this Saturday? We can't either! December was a busy month filled with lots of fun. Looking back at 2021, it was a challenging year for many. Remember that there is no better deed in life than helping others, so what will you do this holiday season to make a difference?

Last weekend, our TOC team got together at Davio's Steakhouse in King of Prussia for our annual holiday party! The room was full of laughter, smiles, and FUN! Even our elf, Connect made a special appearance...sneaky little guy!

Although everyone couldn't be there in person to celebrate, each teammate enjoyed receiving their comfort and joy packages filled with products from fellow female entrepreneurs.

Happy Holidays to YOU and cheers to a happy and healthy 2022!

1. What's Truly Changing About Work

Talent leaders need to think differently when it comes to culture, recruitment, advertising, hiring, and onboarding. These fundamentals have changed over the past twenty months.

Indeed dives into the mindset of today's workforce by examining data related to the pandemic experience at work, job seekers & COVID-19, lessons from history, and more!

2. Employees Need Different Levels of Care

Do your employees have access to mental health benefits?

According to Mercer's 2021 Health on Demand Report, 42% of employees who have access to mental health benefits are more likely to stay at their job than if they didn't have them.

An article from HR Morning

shares the different levels of care, that it's okay to talk about mental health, effective care, and more!

3. The Great Resignation

With the Great Resignation still upon us, employees are looking for benefits that stem from financial, mental/emotional, social, physical, and career well-being. Forbes shares three findings that discuss how employee well-being benefits are increasing with importance as the great resignation continues.

The Washington Post shares a breakdown of the industries that are heavily impacted by the Great Resignation. It isn't just about burned-out office workers, it is really about the front-line service workers who experience greater COVID-19 risks and also a tight labor market.

4. Find Ways to Help All Employees Celebrate Their Holidays

With DEI still top of mind as we head into 2022 and beyond, it is important to recognize that the "Christmas shutdown" has become the old school mentality when celebrating your employee's various holidays. This SHRM article

shares creative ideas for business leaders who would like to intentionally and thoughtfully honor their employees.

5. Predictions for 2022

Everything is about to change as we head into 2022. Josh Bersin

shares four big trends which include a tight labor market, advancements in technology, conversations about culture, and the changing role of HR.

6. Career Curiosity

Retaining your workforce by upskilling and investing in education are creating career curiosity conversations for leadership teams.


shares by investing in your employee's interpersonal, organizational, and self-management skills can be a driver to win talent.

7. Let's Go Local...

Are you a foodie? Check out The Best Philly Restaurants as told by Zahav's Mike Solomonov!

How are you celebrating the arrival of 2022? Visit Philadelphia has a list of local attractions and events for the whole family!

Need a night out? The Philadelphia Inquirer shares various options for New Year's Eve celebrations...for the adults!

Wellness Wednesday...

Mindfulness is extremely important in both personal and professional settings but is oftentimes not practiced.

Meet our friend, Harriet Stein President of Big Toe In The Water, LLC who is sharing 31 Days of Mindfulness throughout December. She has every session recorded and drops one a day! Check them out here!