The Connector: Edition 35

The Connector Newsletter 2

Happy New Year to YOU!

We finally made it to 2022! This past year certainly had a few ups and downs and even twists and turns but we faced them together. Although it was challenging we continued to lift spirits, be there for one another, and have FUN!

We are ready to have even more fun in 2022. Our Culture Club kicked off the STEP Into New Year fitness challenge. The goal of the challenge is to implement healthy habits and stay active throughout 2022, but most importantly- it is to connect our team members to each other!

What are you doing to keep your team engaged and active this winter? Let us know and check out these ideas to get moving!

1.COVID-19: Implications for Business

McKinsey & Company shares a weekly detailed briefing on what 2022 will look like after measuring labor, economic opportunity, and education in the United States in 2021. In all regions and sectors, the COVID-19 pandemic shaped the story in 2021, and the recovery helps set priorities for 2022. Check out these great insights here!

2. The Future of Performance Management

How is your organization measuring performance? Gartner makes 6 Predictions for the Future of Performance Management.

It is critical to rethink the purpose and value of performance management programs. Instead of checking the annual appraisal box, start measuring performance beyond productivity outputs. Eighty-two percent of employees polled in the Gartner 2021 EVP Employee Survey said they wanted their organization to see them as people, not just employees.

How will this change the way you measure success this year? Check out the full article here!

3. Keys to Business Growth in 2022

Join the Keys to Business Growth in 2022: Lead Your Team, Manage Yourself and Execute Your Strategic Plan webinar on Thursday, January 27 from 12:00 - 1:00 PM EST.

Powered by Entrepreneur, the panel will discuss how to execute your 2022 strategic plan, pitfalls to avoid, systems and technologies to level up, and more! Register here!

4. Tips to Prevent Turnover

With over 11.5 million workers resigning from their jobs between April and June of 2021, HR leaders have been active in finding creative ways to prevent turnover and accommodate employees.

HR Morning shares tips to support HR leaders in the slow down of The Great Resignation. Qualtrics has some great insight on the financial costs, human costs, and brand costs of employee turnover and how you can make small changes to save your rockstars. Read more here!

5. Career-Boosting New Year's Resolutions

New Year's resolutions don't have to be personal. The best chances for fulfilling your new year's resolution depends on having the capability, the opportunity, and the motivation to see it through.

Focus your energy on a career-boosting new year's resolution and encourage your team members to do the same! The Muse

shares 5 ways to fulfill your career new year's resolution! Check out the full article here!

6. Should Your Business Rehire Boomerang Employees?

Boomerang employees are workers who leave an organization and then later return to it. Many organizations are seeing employees turn over due to burnout, yet when they get to their new assignment the employee realizes that maybe the grass isn't greener on the other side.

Forbes shares how bringing back boomerang employees may become part of the next trend in hiring. These individuals already have an understanding of the company and can bring in a new skill set and knowledge when returning.

What are your thoughts on this hiring trend? Check out the full article here!

7. Let's Go Local...

Do you need a change of scenery this month? Uncovering PA shares local places to visit this month ranging from restaurant week to skiing. Check it out here!

Every year, Philadelphia honors the life and legacy of Martin Luther King Jr. with a day of giving back across the city. Learn about volunteer opportunities and things to do in Philadelphia for Martin Luther King Jr. weekend here!

It's almost here...The Harry Potter Exhibit at The Franklin Institute! This groundbreaking exhibition will celebrate the iconic moments, characters, settings, and beasts as seen in the films and stories of Harry Potter and the Wizarding World using best-in-class immersive design and technology. The Exhibit opens on February 18, 2022. Get your tickets here!

Wellness Wednesday...

New YOU! Many of us are motivated to start a new years resolution. Good House Keeping shares many achievable resolutions to help you live a healthier and happier life! Need a buddy to hold you accountable? Reach out and we'll help you reach your goals