The Connector: Edition 42

The Connector Newsletter

What happens when you give TOC team members microphones? They start sending video reports to the team on Friday mornings including weekly wins, what's happening at TOC, and of course the weather. These Friday reports have become so popular, that we even got Ginger Zee involved! 😊#cameo. Check out the video here!

1. Positive Work Cultures Improve Productivity

More, better, faster is taking a backseat to a positive work environment. This will lead to dramatic benefits for employers, employees, and the bottom line.

Harvard Business Review discusses four steps to creating a positive work culture that can change the way teams will perform and ultimately lead to company productivity and growth. Read the full article here.

2. No Difference Between Managers and Leaders

Is there a difference between a manager and a leader? Managers are good at processes and numbers, but they can’t inspire and lead people, while that’s what leaders excel at.

Forbes shares how good managers are leaders and can have both the manager and leader traits. Eliminating the manager vs. leader stereotype can create a leadership mindset and leadership skills. Check out the full article here.

3. Recruiting Women Takes More Than Competitive Pay

The tight labor market has been challenging for Talent Acquisition leaders to navigate. Organizations are setting targets and dedicating resources to close the gender gap and are communicating a specific and dynamic value proposition to attract female talent.

Gallup recently asked over 13,000 employees what they want in their next job. Pay is important, but it's not everything to women. Do you know the top five most important factors for women who are looking for their next job? Read the full article here.

4. Plan a Business Rest Day

Each week on our Top 3 Podcast, we ask our guests, what do you do to relax? We admire the answers but for some entrepreneurs, it is so hard to take a break from business.

Inc. shares a story about an entrepreneur who wasn't feeling physically well and was pushing himself to the extreme. What he needed was a rest day for his personal life and for his business. Check out the four tips on how to apply a rest day for business growth. Check out the full article here.

5. Prioritize Online Security at Home

Many of us have been working remotely since the start of the pandemic. Now, working from home is the norm. What are y0u doing to protect yourself while working from home?

Entrepreneur shares four ways to prioritize your online security to ensure protection for yourself and your business. After reading this article you will think twice about making your home cybersecurity. Read the full article here.

6. Philadelphia250

Philadelphians are dreamers and doers and tackle every single day with a lot of heart and a whole lot of gusto. The year 2026 provides an opportunity to come together to honor our great city—where America first declared its independence almost 250 years ago and set ambitious goals for change. To make history, together.

You can be part of the Philadelphia250 by volunteering, becoming a member, partnering, and spreading the word!

7. Let's Go Local...#ConnectorsWhoCare Edition

Bringing Hope Home's 21st Annual Great Guys Dinner is coming up on Thursday, May 5 at The Springfield Country Club. We are looking forward to this event and we hope you can support our friends at Bringing Hope Home as they continue to spread unexpected amazingness.

Our friends at Home of the Sparrow's Black and White Gala is back! Join the fun (and an amazing cause) on Friday, April 29th at The Drexelbrook Ballroom. With Silent and live auctions, music, dancing, dinner, and more help them continue to end homelessness for women and children in Chester County!

Save the Date for Peter's Place 20th Anniversary Benefit & Auction on Saturday, April 30th at Merion Golf Club. Peter's Place is one of our #ConnectorsWhoCare organizations and provides grieving support for families. You might just see a few TOC members there to greet you!

Wellness Wednesday...

April used to be known as Autism Awareness Month. But in 2021, the designation changed to Autism Acceptance Month.

It's a simple – but important – revision.

The Autism Society of America announced the suggested shift in terminology last year, urging the media to go along, in order to ignite change in the lives of those with autism and their families, said Christopher Banks, president and CEO of The Autism Society of America.

This April, get connected as we #CelebrateDifferences for Autism Acceptance Month. Download resources, host a fundraiser and connect to each other.