The Connector: Edition 50

The Connector Newsletter

We are living it up this summer! July was another great month of connecting with our team. We had the pleasure of getting together for our quarterly Town Hall and headed to the Phillies game in the same week!

It can be hard to keep your team engaged and connected in the summertime. If you are intentional about planning out events and bringing your team together, it will go a long way!

What's been your favorite engagement activity this summer? Let us know if you need ideas or tips to keep your team engaged!

1. Searching the Talent Pool

What does your hiring process look like? The traditional levers including compensation, titles, and advancement opportunities may not be the driving force to attract and retain talent. In the current market, talent is reevaluating what they want from a job—and from life.

This article from McKinsey takes a closer look at five crucial employee personas that companies must understand to solve the attrition and attraction problem for the longer term. Read the full article here!

2. Playing Organizational Favorites

Is favoritism happening in your organization? Naturally, we think favoritism is a bad thing. However, two studies conducted by Harvard Business Review shared the responses and experimental data of how people react when they feel that their boss has a closer relationship with a peer than with them. Read the full article here!

3. The CEO Guide to Fun in the Office

You already know how much fun we have at the office. Work hard, play hard...right? This article from Chief Executive shares how CEOs are leading the charge to create fun in the office.

Who doesn't love a cookout, Top Golf, and shuffleboard? Read the full article here!

Our Tip: Find something for everyone across all generations. It will be worth your time, and retention rate!

4. Remote Onboarding

Remote onboarding does not have to be scary! In fact, it is something we have been doing since the pandemic and with each new hire, it gets better and better.

WorkLife explains the current status of remote onboarding and how organizations are challenged with driving company culture when their new team member isn't in person. If you need help with your remote onboarding, please reach out to us at TOC! Read the full article here!

Our Tip: Brand your Onboarding Program. Make it fun!

5. Employee Recognition Program

Does your organization have an employee recognition program? It should! 56% of employees are less likely to look for a new job when their employer recognizes their performance.

HRMorning describes the 5 pillars of a stellar recognition program. In order for recognition programs to be successful, it must be a priority of senior leadership teams. Read the full article here!

6. Thought Leadership - The Latest Trends!

Each month our Human Resources and Talent Acquisition team members deliver this valuable resource to keep you in the know of the latest topics and trends impacting the people part of your business.

In our latest Hire Design Blog, "The History & Business Case For Wage Transparency & Disclosure – A Brave, Necessary New World" Manager of Human Capital Practice Advisor Division, Beth Zurcher, SHRM-SCP shares the importance of embracing pay transparency and how companies who do so will likely have an easier time finding and retaining workers amid the Great Resignation and through the rest of the year. Check out the full article here!

7. Let's Go Local...

Do you need a change of scenery? Maybe a nice family or date weekend? Main Line Today shares 27 Drivable Weekend Getaways from the Philadelphia Suburbs!

Connect with nature this summer by visiting the Morris Arboretum. This is the perfect outdoor adventure for the entire family!

Great food and great brews! VisitPhilly shares 14 Philly Area Breweries with Awesome Eats!

Blue Cross RiverRink Summerfest is one of the Philadelphia Waterfront's favorite Summertime traditions featuring outdoor roller skating, boardwalk games and rides, mini-golf, and great food and drinks, all with soaring views of the Delaware River and Ben Franklin Bridge. Get your tickets here!

Wellness Wednesday...

How much exercise do you really need? FortuneWell shares tips on how to better mobility, strengthen muscles and bones, improved mental health, and have energy.