The Connector: Edition Four

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Welcome Back!

As we quickly approach the end of the month, I think we can all agree that this Halloween will truly be one to remember! Parents are pulling out all kinds of tricks to celebrate in a safe way while still having fun! Check out this amazing resource that shares Covid risk levels in your area, alternate ideas to trick-or-treating, and even a pledge to follow Halloween best practices.

Have fun and most importantly, stay safe friends!

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1. Everything but the Turkey, Delivered!

Now more than ever, it is a good idea to think about avoiding the holiday food shopping in the stores. We have a solution for you. Joy Box Thanksgiving is providing you with delivery options for “Everything but the Turkey”! From appetizers, desserts, sides, and drinks, this one-stop shop will help you prepare for the big Thanksgiving meal, without the stress of the store! Just order before midnight on Friday, November 20th to receive all your delicious necessities for the Holiday!

2. Diversity Panel

Diversity. Everyone is talking about it, but how can we add power to the punch and truly make an impact at our organization? We are putting our strong minds together to learn how to build the structure of diversity within your company. Join us along with the regions' talent leaders, executives, and a dynamic panel who will be leading the way toward change. We have a great moderator, Toya Lawson, and three amazing panelists, Raquel Arredondo, Keca Ward, and Maithili Pradhan! To register for this great event, click here!

3. Virtual Gift Swap Made Easy

Are you interested in hosting an amazing virtual Holiday party for your company or friends? White Elephant Online has created a way to run a successful gift swap through the comfort of your own home. With a few easy steps, that works with your favorite virtual meeting platform, you and yours can all be engaged. Whether it’s a White Elephant, Yankee Swap, or Dirty Santa, everyone will get a laugh and enjoy! Incorporate this virtual online game into your holiday party for a fun gift swap idea!

4. Restaurant Capacity Staying at 50%

With the weather getting colder, and restaurants losing the ability to utilize outdoor seating, the next steps are in question. Governor Tom Wolf vetoed a bill that would have allowed restaurants to jump back to 100% compacity. He vetoed this bill because it would not follow the Covid-19 restrictions with social distancing. These restrictions were put in place to protect both customers and employees at the restaurants. During the Pandemic, restaurants are struggling to find a way to maximize their profits with limited seats being filled. Don't forget to utilize take-out on those nights that you don't feel like cooking. It makes such a difference for these businesses! Read the full article here!

5. Protect Your Eyes

In this new Zoom age, don't forget to protect one of your best assets, your eyes! Getting eye strain and headaches from computer screens can cause extreme discomfort while trying to work. Check out these blue light glasses, which can help eliminate some of the issues caused by screens! Also, check your device settings and turn on Eye Savor Mode, to remove brightness from your screen that causes eye tiredness! For some tips and tricks on how to protect your eyes, read this article!

6. CDC Guidelines Change, Contact Tracing Effected

In prior safety policies, the CDC defined a “close contact” as someone who spent at least 15 consecutive minutes within six feet of an infected person. With the new verbiage, it now indicates “close contact” as a cumulative total of 15 minutes; allowing the contact to be between multiple individuals at different times. This change from consecutive to cumulative will increase the difficulty of contact tracing for employers. It is advised that employers view their infection-control plans with this new definition in mind. To learn more about what this change means click here!

7. Let's Go Local!

There is nothing we love more than supporting small businesses. Check out some of our favorites right now!

We found a hidden gem in Phoenixville! Take a look at The Crowded Castle Brewing Company. They serve quality craft beers that are brewed on-site, along with ciders, wine, and craft liqueurs. To pair with their amazing drink selection, their food menu has great small bar snacks for the table or yummy individual meals for all cravings.

Highland Orchard has the "Best of Philly" Apple Cider Donuts, yum! Go check them out and all of what Highland Orchard has to offer this weekend. It is a great family trip, and you can even book your own family hayride! While there, pick your own apples, try their delicious bakery, or check out their farm market with fresh fruits and vegetables!

Want to start your morning off right? Our friends at Spread Bagelry make delicious wood-oven bagels that leave you wanting more! From different spreads to all-day breakfast sandwiches, and pizza bagels, there is a bagel for every occasion. With their many locations around the Philadelphia area, this is a must-try for bagel (or food) lovers!

Did You Know...

Today is National First Responders Day! What a great time to recognize all the first responders! During Covid-19 they have been heroes in all communities! Here is a great article highlighting the men and women who respond quickly to emergencies every day. Thank you for your service!