The Connector: Edition One

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We survived, we thrived, and now...let's connect! We are excited to bring you our newest newsletter...The Connector! In March, we acted fast and produced The Survival Kit. This was in reaction to the sudden pivots that businesses had to make due to the COVID-19 Pandemic. The Thrive Guide was next with more tips and opportunities to help make the most of the situation at hand. The Connector is a new beginning packed with what we do best - connecting people to others and resources. Don't forget, this is a team effort. If you have something you'd like to share, reach out to us today. Let's do this!

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1. Say "Thank You" To Teachers and School Staff

October 5th is World Teacher Day! What better time to thank them for their services during these challenging times? Our friends at EMC Outdoor are delivering random acts of kindness for local schools and childcare facilities. The program will consist of outreach to targeted schools to identify the most critical needs for their teachers and staff. They will then create pallets of a selection of those items wrapped with your branding and message of appreciation and deliver to the schools or childcare facilities. Contact them today to see how you can get involved!

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2. Set up Your Homeschooling Space for Success for Both You and Your Child

It's September, which means back to school, right!? Many parents are trying to work from home while managing their kid's virtual classes. This. is. HARD! Try these Ikea hacks that will help you rethink your space and reorganize what you already have. This will allow the family to have their own spaces throughout the house to work and learn. Be kind to yourself during this time and don't forget to take breaks from work and school...even if it's five minutes! Business owners: be patient with your teammates as they juggle this all!

More resources here!

3. Workplace Wellness - If Not Now, When?

Workplace wellness has never been more important. Did you know that keeping your employees physically and mentally healthy will increase productivity? In addition to the new norm of remote work, the prospective employees currently entering the job market are vocal about their wellness needs. Check out this awesome article from Anahana Wellness that outlines how you can make your workplace well again and gives you actionable takeaways to begin!

Sleep, Mindfulness, Stress Relief, and more!

4. Let's Chat Talent...

Are you a strategic talent leader looking to connect with others on the new struggles and solutions as our world is transformed? Join us for Talent Talks tomorrow, Thursday, September 17th at 8:30 AM ET! In this virtual session, we will discuss the trends of hiring for diversity...something every organization should be talking about. We hope you can make it!

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5. Let's Chat HR...

The Philadelphia City Council voted to expand paid sick leave to include workers in the city not covered by federal sick leave legislation...including gig workers. The bill requires employers to provide two weeks of paid sick leave to their workers until the end of the year. If you are a Philly employer or employee this is super important!

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6. Let's Shop Local!

There is nothing we love more than supporting small businesses. Check out some of our favorites right now!

The Pasta Lab - Need we say more?! Fresh pasta makers, dedicated to highlighting producers from the Mid-Atlantic region, and proudly made in Philadelphia! Here's the deal: The online store goes live on Sunday evenings and orders close on Thursday at 10 PM. Pick-up and delivery options available AND each week has different options.

This weather has us excited for all things Fall! Check out this guide to Fall 2020 in Greater Philadelphia provided by Visit Philadelphia! They cover the return to indoor dining, harvest happenings, Halloween, road trips, restaurant weeks, museum re-openings, exhibitions, and much more!

One of the places we have missed the most during Quarantine is Founding Farmers in the King of Prussia Town Center. They have done an outstanding job accommodating their guests in every capacity...from take-out to pivoting to a grocery store, and now flawless in-person dining, you can't beat the service and food combo! Order or visit them today!

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Did You Know...

...that today is National Guacamole Day?! Here is a delicious, easy recipe to help you celebrate!