The Connector: Edition 28

The Connector Newsletter 2


It's finally feeling like fall in the Philadelphia area...and we are loving it! 🍂 Pumpkin picking, hayrides, football...aka tailgating, what is your favorite fall activity?

We are looking forward to getting our team together in October for some much-needed fun! We have a Halloween Themed Town Hall planned at Maggiano's in King of Prussia well as a family night out at Linvilla Orchards filled with a hayride to the friendly witches' house.

In our current hybrid workforce, it is extremely important to keep your team engaged and to have FUN! We are always thinking of new ways to keep our team connected, check out these engagement ideas from Inc.

1. Fake Vaccine Cards in the Workplace

As the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine obtained full FDA approval, President Biden is requiring vaccines for federal employees, employers with over 100 employees, and many others. This employer mandate is creating resistance and in some cases includes employees providing fake vaccine cards. Lexology shares what you can do in the situation where an employee presents a fake vaccine card.

2. How to Avoid Remote Work Burnout

As companies continue to work remotely, we know there is minimal separation between work and home. We are constantly connected to email and phone which is causing burnout. As an employer, how can you address this and set boundaries for your team? HR Morning shares ways to help your employees disconnect from work and find balance.

3. Retention, Retention, Retention

How do you define the right company culture? When you get your culture on track, employee retention will happen on its own. Since the pandemic, organizations needed to quickly shift the way they think about their people and workplace. Engaging employees with meaningful work and digging in to explore their interests are ideas Forbes shares around retaining talent.

4. C-Suite Family Balance

As a C-Suite parent, running a business takes up a majority of the day, leaving minimal time for your family and kiddos. Entrepreneur shares three tips to stay connected and make the most of your time with your kids! Being successful and a parent is possible, being intentional about maximizing your time together can create a strong foundation for your children!

5. Help make your Remote Work Plan Better

According to a survey from FlexJobs, about 60% of employees don't want to come back to a physical workplace, they would like to work remotely all the time. Can your team do remote work forever?

HR Morning shares eight key strategies for leaders to consider in order to continue to make remote work, work.

6. Preparation for Stay Interviews

Stay interviews are essential to setting the tone on company culture and checking in with your team. Putting all the issues on the table can help improve retention and engagement. SHRM provides examples of preparing for stay interview basic Q&A and how leaders can follow up with dead-end questions.

7. Let's Go Local...

Are you looking for an innovative way to put your company's commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion into action? Be part of Integrate for Good’s 2021 Community Heroes Gala, benefitting Empowerment Lab, an innovative program providing education, leadership training, and employment opportunities to young people with disabilities in our local community.

Two Pennsylvania ShopRite's are piloting robotic grocery delivery carts! They will be the first supermarkets in the Northeast to use the Tortoise to provide contactless service.

Do you love the thrill of being spooked? If so, check out the Bates Motel and Haunted Attractions in Glen Mills, PA this Halloween! Attractions include haunted trails, axe throwing, laser tag, and more!

Lastly, our dear friend Darren Sudman has created an amazing company called Unless - and it's all about creating a philanthropic arm within your company to help your employees become more engaged with giving back to the community. Check it out!

Have a wonderful week! Only 94 days till 2022!

Wellness Wednesday...

As the fall weather sets in our area, it is a great time to get outside- move more and sit less. The CDC suggests adults need at least 150 minutes of moderate-intensity aerobic activity every week, plus muscle-strengthening activities at least 2 days a week. Here are a few ways to get and stay active!