The #ConnectorsWhoCare Thrive Guide - Third Edition

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Can you believe it is the week of the Fourth of July!? Now is the time to get outside, experience the beautiful weather, and spend time with family, of course, while staying 6 feet apart! Be safe out there!

Good news! The Wawa Welcome America 2020 festival will be entirely virtual and entirely free, encompassing multicultural and multi-generational programming, and highlighting Philadelphia’s diverse voices. With a lineup of concerts, online educational activities, behind-the-scenes experiences, cooking demonstrations, at-home crafts, virtual museum tours and more, the festival’s family-friendly programming will focus on arts, culture, education, wellness, history and performance. They are bringing the celebration right into your home!

Enjoy this week’s guide that is packed with more resources to help you and yours THRIVE!

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Calling all talent leaders! Are you ready to connect with others to discuss COVID-19's impact on the hiring goals at your organization? You are in luck! Join us for Talent Talks, a virtual series, that enables strategic, professional talent leaders to share new struggles and solutions as our world is transformed.

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Tip #1: TOCGRP Favorites!

1) Hey, if you can’t go to the bar, why not bring the bar to you?! specializes in creating custom bars that you can take anywhere and set up in a flash. They are handmade of premium pine and can be customized to any team or something even more unique. You know we had to get a Penn State University one and we see a TOCGRP one in the future!

2) Getting a customized care package of essential non-essentials for yourself and your loved ones is complete JOY. Meet Joy Box! Joy Box was created to help you stay connected to a vibrant community of small businesses – brewers, farmers, coffee roasters, and ice cream makers...who care so deeply about Philadelphia. Sometimes, it’s just the little things.

3) During the stay at home order, some of our teammates started to get into running. The Nike Run Club app is the perfect running partner. You can get coaching that adapts to you no matter what level you are, tracks your runs, and even connects to your music. We are loving this right now and hope you will, too! Also, don’t forget that the Bryn Mawr Running Company is up and running 😂 Stop by their stores or visit them online!

Tip #2: Show Your Employees You Care - Invest In their Professional Development!

The Vistage community has done an excellent job at taking the reigns during the global pandemic and the resources and guidance they have provided their members is top-notch. Our friend and Master Vistage Chair, Carol Steinberg, who actually is the chair of two of our employee’s groups, is getting ready to launch her next Emerging Leaders group in August, which prepares your rising stars to become your next generation of senior leadership. This program has been an amazing experience for both of our team members and hope you will consider enrolling your top-performing talent! Contact Carol for more information!

Tip #3: How COVID-19 Impacts Your Employee Benefits Strategy

As businesses reopen and employees start returning to work, employers need to understand how the impact of COVID-19 affects how they should craft their benefits strategy moving forward. Univest Insurance recently hosted a webinar that discussed healthcare cost trends and the impact on employee benefits renewals. We also addressed the availability of information and tools to help employers navigate the short and long-term impacts of COVID-19 including the right health plans and provider networks. Access the recording here and the slides here!

Tip #4: Friends of the Firm

1) Our friends at PROTECS celebrated their 15 year Anniversary in June! PROTECS designs and builds hi-tech facilities for companies that pursue technological advances that feed, fuel, and cure the world. Over the 15 years, they went from serving just the tri-state area to now having 5 offices across the country - WOW! Read more about their growth and the amazing things they are doing here!

2) We were so excited to learn that our friends at Founding Farmers are now open! They, of course, are still offering contact-free curbside pickup, delivery, and market options, but can now off their patios and dining rooms to customers! They are reservation only seating, so contact them soon to reserve your spot today!

3) Rosati Ice is a century-old Italian Ice manufacturer headquartered in Clifton Heights, PA. Who knew that in 1912 Sam Rosati would start the first official Italian Water Ice company in the United States? Sam Rosati cranked Italian ices flavored with fresh lemon by hand in his West Philadelphia basement in 1912. He sold his flavorful Italian Ice by horse-drawn wagon throughout the city and the Jersey shore before moving his small operation to Clifton Heights in the mid-1950s. Did you know the top flavors in order are Mango, Cherry, and Lemon. Other popular flavors include the kid-friendly blue raspberry, red, white, and blue Patriot Ice (Rosati, the history-maker, was the very first to come up with swirled ice), Sweetest Fish (made with Swedish Fish of course), Sour Rainbow and Bubblegum. With all of this heat, we are grabbing pints from our grocery stores as fast as possible! Click here to learn more! Support local businesses!

Tip #5: Green Doesn't Mean Go!

As the Pennsylvania counties are shifting into the green phase, it is really important for business owners and their leaders to continue following protocol - or stay the course, as we like to say! A few things to remember:

  • Continued telework is strongly encouraged...Think hard if a possible exposure is worth the in-person meeting that you long for!
  • Businesses with in-person operations must follow these guidelines.
  • Childcare may be opening, but that doesn't mean your employees will feel comfortable sending their children back.
  • Don't forget to incorporate your Return to Work Toolkit before resuming to the workplace. It's best to have a plan, rather than go rogue!
  • Read more here!

Ask HR Office Hours...

...will be closed this week due to the holiday! We will be reopening our Zoom line to help answer all of your HR questions next Thursday, July 9th from 3-4 PM EST. We hope you can make it and please don't hesitate to reach out if you need anything!

Did you know...

...that The O’Connor Group was named a “2020 Healthiest Employer” by the Philadelphia Business Journal? We pride ourselves in wellness for the mind, body and spirit, and create an opportunity for our employees to stay healthy in the workplace. Now, we do love doughnuts, but it’s all about balance, right!?