The #ConnectorsWhoCare Thrive Guide - Wellness Edition!

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Mental health – it is time to talk about it with your employees and your family! One of our friends, who works in the health insurance space told us that there has been a 40% increase in mental health claims in the past three months – so we decided to make this edition focus on health and wellness! We have some great ideas and tips for you and your team!! Take time for YOU!!

Also, the world is in a strange place, but one thing we do know is that we are resilient and strong. This video was shared with me with one of the best CEO’s I ever had the pleasure to work with…simple lessons but such a powerful impact. We can make the world a better place. Every one of us. It is still about love, care, and respect. Enjoy.

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Tip #1: Workplace Wellness

1) Practicing mindfulness will help keep you and your coworkers stay cool, calm, and collected! Mindfulness is also beneficial to your business by lowering healthcare costs, keeping employees focused to increase productivity, and reducing stress levels. Our friend, Harriet Stein, Founder of Big Toe in the Water provides programs for your employees to incorporate mindfulness in and out of the workplace. They are even offering virtual programs so that you can continue social distancing. Contact our friend Harriet here!

2) Snacknation gives your employees the perfect pick me up they deserve with coffee, fruit, and snack delivery services to your office! Still working remotely? Send your employees a delicious snack box right to their door to boost morale! Also check out their list of 59 Awesome Employee Engagement Ideas & Activities for 2020!

3) Although working from home does create healthy habits including more work-life balance, it does have it's challenges including being so close to the refrigerator and the absence of routines. Think about incorporating a weight loss challenge or wellness program for your employees. You may have employees on your team that have a passion or a side hustle in the wellness world. Utilize their skills! Check out this awesome article that provides 5 virtual wellness program ideas to engage your team!

Tip #2: Employee Mental Health

1) Headspace provides a myriad of resources to practice the art of meditation which can improve quality of sleep, decrease stress and anxiety, create a healthy lifestyle, and more! Check out their programs geared for the workplace to keep your business happy & healthy. Headspace is also offering a free trial to everyone, and free services for people unemployed during this time of crisis.

2) The COVID-19 pandemic will affect the mental health and well-being of employees well beyond the immediacy of the initial crisis. This space is dedicated to these topics: employer role in mental health, working with benefit providers, stress reduction, substance misuse and more. Did you know that as of June 2020, at least 30 states have reported that opioid overdose fatalities are on the rise in correlation with the COVID-19 pandemic? Check out the resources provided by the National Safety Council (NSC) that are meant to help you address this growing concern and provide workers with the assistance they need.

3) Make sure you as an employer and your employees understand EAP’s (Employee Assistance Programs). They are part of your insurance packages and so many never really understand all the benefits they provide. Please reach out to your benefit brokers to find out more. Here is a great link to find out more!

Tip #3: Healthy Summer Recipes

1) Eating Bird Food has the best recipes for all meals, snacks, and even drinks and dessert. Brittany’s recipes are accommodating for all types of diets like gluten free, paleo, vegan, etc. Check out her wellness and lifestyle blogs too! Subscribe and get a free 3-day clean eating meal plan!

2) True Food Kitchen in King of Prussia is open with outdoor seating and take-out options! True Food Kitchen makes delicious healthy foods inspired by an anti-inflammatory diet to ensure diners feel better, not worse, after enjoying their meal. Take a look at their Summer menu here!

3) One of our client’s Plum Deluxe shares amazing healthy recipes. They are so well done, and the photos alone make you hungry. Enjoy and let us know which ones you have tried!

Tip #4: Work it Out!

1) Although gyms are starting to open up, here are the 12 best at-home workouts! You can do all these workouts without any equipment, but they will get you whipped into shape. Great options for both strength and cardio workouts!

2) In addition to Bulldog Yoga and CorePower Yoga which we’ve mentioned in previous Thrive Guides, Cat Meffan on YouTube has so many great videos perfect for a post-workout cool down like a 10 minute full body stretch, yoga for runners, and more! Be sure to browse all of her videos!

3) Finding solutions that help employees strike a balance between work and wellness is and should be a priority for Human Resource professionals and recruitment companies. So, it's only natural that as employee fitness preferences evolve so should the benefits offered by employers. We love this article on how to stay on top of the corporate fitness trends!

Tip #5: Preventative Health

1) Braving through any nagging aches or pains? Experience Chiropractic has got your back! Not only is she a dynamic female business owner (😊) but she is also amazing with her clients! With a wide variety of services from prenatal and pediatric chiropractic adjustments, to sports injury prevention and more, Experience Chiropractic is sure to help you get back to feeling your best. Contact them today at their Wayne or Conshohocken locations!

2) Did you know that to rapidly monitor recent changes in mental health, the National Center for Health Statistics (NCHS) partnered with the Census Bureau on an experimental data system called the Household Pulse Survey. It’s updated daily and here is the most recent results.

3) Ignoring symptoms and signs can be very dangerous, so don't avoid your doctor during the pandemic! It is also extremely important to keep up with the well-child visits and immunizations, especially newborns through 24 months of age. Do you know that most providers are offering telemedicine options now? If you are an employer, be sure to communicate the details to your team. Don't put preventive health aside - listen to your body!

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Did you know...

these 11 interesting exercise facts and statistics will help encourage you to get active in 2020 – Enjoy!

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