The Ultimate COVID-19 #ConnectorsWhoCare Survival Kit - Fourth Edition

Survival Kit Image 4th Edition

We hope everyone had a nice holiday season. While it is also a very sad time for many, we can reflect on the good things that have happened during this pandemic. We are spending more time with our families…we are having dinner with them and talking to them. We are seeing our children play outside. We are appreciating the beauty of spring and we are getting our rest. This too shall pass but remember what we have learned from all of this.

We changed up the Survival Kit a bit because we know so many of our friends with small businesses are hurting. Many of them have not yet received the PPP loans (Great Q&A here), so we are asking all of you to buy something local this week – every bit helps them to stay alive right now.

Tip #1: Supporting Local Businesses

We realize cash is running low for many small businesses – so we wanted to share these first today!

Tip #2: Staying Alive - Tips & Tricks to Keep the Company's Cash Moving

Attention business leaders! Join us on Tuesday, April 21st to hear from four savings experts on how to keep your cash flowing as long as possible! Mark your calendars for 4:00 PM EST for a Zoom Webinar. You won't want to miss this! More information to come.

Tip #3: New CDC Guidance Says Essential Employees Can Continue Working After Coronavirus Exposure

Reversing course on employee quarantines, federal health officials now say that essential workers who've been exposed to the coronavirus can stay on the job while monitoring their symptoms.

The new guidance, released by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) on April 8, applies only to businesses deemed critical, such as hospitals, grocery stores and food processing plants.

Previous guidance called for all workers to isolate at home for 14 days after being close to anyone suspected of having the virus, in case they too became sick and infected others. Now employees can keep working as long as they don't have symptoms, but they should wear a facemask, avoid getting close to other people, and submit to a daily temperature check. Read more from SHRM here!

Tip #4: What to Consider Outsourcing RIGHT NOW Power Panel

Feeling like you need more expertise at the table to help your business through this challenging time? Wondering what can be outsourced vs. kept in house right now? Incorporating outsourced resources into your people strategy allows you to create pliability and leverage within your business, to weather these uncertain times. We are teaming up with Delegate Solutions, Your Outsourced CFO and 11outof11 to provide a dynamic Power Panel on Thursday, April 16 at 12PM EST. Register here!

Tip #5: Make the Most out of Your Virtual Communication

Using video in your business to communicate to both employees and customers has never been more essential than it is right now. Join Pat Taggart from the align5 team as he shares secrets to creating a winning business video strategy regardless of size or industry. An award-winning documentary filmmaker and President of align5 films, Pat has spent the last two decades helping companies tell their stories, enabling them to attract and retain clients and team members that perfectly fit the brand. Join their webinar "Tips to Create a Winning (and Simple) Video Strategy on 4/16 at 2PM EST here!

If you need some quick advice for your current communication challenges prior to the webinar, here are nine tips from Pat to help you shoot outstanding video with the cell phone in your pocket: 9 Tips for Outstanding Video Using Your Cell Phone

Don't have time for a webinar? We can’t get enough of their quick video that gives you three takeaways about how to look and sound better on video.

Tip #6: Women, Finance and the COVID-19 Pandemic Webinar

This volatile market can be a challenge to understand, but financial planning and investment options should not be. Our friends from BLBB Advisors will help you make sense of what is currently happening and offer some ways you can stay on track financially during their upcoming webinar on Wednesday, 4/15 at 12PM EST. This program is appropriate for both the financially savvy and those that feel events are swirling around at such a great speed it is hard to comprehend the potential current and long-term impact. Register here!

Tip #7: Virtual Coffee & Connections for Those Who are Laid Off

Have you been laid off? Navigating the current job market is especially tricky. We can help. We offer a monthly networking chat to help each other called Coffee & Connections. We decided to continue the monthly chat but are taking it virtual on Tuesday, April 21st from 8-9:30AM EST via Zoom. If you would like to join us please register here!

Tip #8: Invest in Your Professional Development During the Quarantine

Project management skills will offer the critical competencies that organizations, academia and governments will need as they stand themselves up again post-pandemic in what we might call “A New Norm.” The Project Management Institute has recently launched new digital courses for project managers at no cost. Learn more here!

Villanova University’s Anne Welsh McNulty Institute for Women’s Leadership has partnered with the College of Professional Studies to offer a new Women’s Leadership Development Certificate. This three-month program, which aims to address the gap in female leadership, includes a combination of residencies and online work. To learn more about the program, please join the online information session today, April 14th from 12:00-1:00 pm. Register for the information session here.

Tip #9: Music to Help us During These Days

One of the ways we have been keeping positive is by praying and playing music, but not just any that moves your that tells you everything is going to be that tells you it’s okay to grieve...and music that tells you the sun will shine tomorrow. Please enjoy a few selections that we have enjoyed over the past few weeks – they are simply beautiful.

And if you have never seen a Virtual choir of 2,000 voices, Eric Whitacre is a must see. It’s a short TED Talk – The music and how it is put together will blow you away!

The Philadelphia Orchestra has created a virtual platform to bring us music in video and audio forms, as well as interactive education and enrichment - Incredibly powerful!

Lastly, I am sure you all heard that Bill Withers passed away last week and I think it’s only fitting to share his song – it’s so appropriate right now.

Tip #10: Helpful Webinars from our Partners

Our friends at Paylocity have done a fantastic job in staying ahead of the game with COVID-19 resources. Check out their library full of webinars and podcasts that help their clients navigate this uncharted territory. We can always count on them!

Calling all enlightened leaders! Join our friends at CEO Think Tank TODAY at 2PM EST for a webinar on Funding, Finances and Relief: How Business Leaders Can Overcome Uncertainty. Register here! You'll learn:

  • How to leverage new government financial programs
  • Cash flow strategies that money experts use
  • Ways to improve business processes so you can do more with less
  • What adjustments to make now when handling debtors and creditors
  • Vital lessons to help you prepare for the next emergency

Our friends at AblePay are having DAILY webinars explaining how they can help you or your employees with "out of pocket" medical expenses. Register here! Learn more about their member benefits here!

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The O'Connor Group's unique Talent Acquisition model consistently saves companies 40-60% of their recruiting costs. Additionally, our HR Consultants are experts in filling in the gaps during difficult times like what we are facing today.

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Thank You

What better way to start the week than to show gratitude? Thank You to everyone who is working to keep things moving in these trying times❤️

Stay well and stay happy!

Your TOCGRP Team