Unlock the Door to Your Next Hire

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Unlock the Door to Your Next Hire

Recruiting has always been a process-heavy activity. It requires planning and consistency, but also strategy and creativity. Here are 4 keys to success in the 2022 market:

  • Focus on the 85%! At any time about 15% of the workforce is actively seeking new opportunities. Those potential candidates are being overwhelmed by recruiters with constant messages and follow-ups to roles they have applied to.

Now is the time to focus on 85% of the workforce population. This is a time-consuming process to identify and attempt to engage in, but it should be a piece of your recruiting plan!

  • Engage – don’t sell. In the engagement campaigns to your targeted audience, craft those messages to demonstrate the potential candidate can benefit from your organization. It’s not all about what makes you stand out above your competition, but what it means to the individual. Help them see how their career and life could be impacted by joining your team.
  • Speed. It matters. Your best candidate could be the best candidate of three other employers simultaneously. Have a predefined plan for the interview process. Confirm with the interviewers that they are willing to be flexible and react when interviews are added to their calendars. Your ability to be agile and quick will speak volumes to the candidate on your level of interest and your company culture.
  • Gain buy-in. Seems obvious. Always asking the candidate how they feel about the role is important. Try to get them to be specific and quantify how interested they are. I can be interested and be a 5 on a 10 scale. Or I can be interested and be a 9 on a 10 scale. I’m far more likely to keep the candidate engaged which is a 9 out of 10. But, by asking for that specific number and then drilling into what criteria is on their priority list, you can potentially positively affect a candidate’s level of interest. Keep in mind, most candidates are looking for:
    • Flexibility
    • Personal/Professional Development
    • Purpose from their role
    • Culture of the organization
    • Then, money

Now you have the keys – go unlock the door to your next new hire!