Virtual Interviews- The New Norm

Virtual interview

Today’s interview process has shifted as most companies are conducting virtual interviews. Sounds great, right? Our first thought is no more pressure to leave enough “drive time”, weather, or traffic delays! However, we now face new pressures as we prepare for the age of “virtual interviews!”

1. Technology

The day before your virtual interview, check all your technology to ensure it works effectively and can be used to communicate effectively. At least 15 minutes before your interview sign into the video, test the sound and video to ensure everything is in working order. There is nothing like having technical challenges right before the time of your interview! This sets the tone of the entire interview so be “technically prepared.”

2. Dress Attire

You should dress the same as you would in a face-to-face interview. Appear professional and excited about the opportunity. This will be apparent during the interview.

3. Prepare, Do your homework!

As with any interview being well-prepared is critical! This shows your commitment and eagerness to the potential employer. You surely don’t want to be clicking around or reading from a script, appearing rehearsed and unnatural. Always review the company website, job description, and come prepared with relevant questions!

4. Limit Distractions

If you don’t have a home office, choosing a quiet and private location with limited distractions is very important to help both you and the interview stay on track and focused. Be sure to have a professional, appropriate background.

We are all human and may encounter an unexpected distraction, if this happens, simply acknowledge, and move on!

5.Use Professional Body Language

Interviewing via video limits our ability to communicate our body language as we would in-person. Be sure to sit up straight and ensure your camera is placed so your face is in the middle of your face. Start your interview with a smile, wave and be sure to make direct eye contact.

6. Follow-Up

It’s always a good practice to send a “thank you” email within 24 hours of an interview. In the past, we may have sent a thank you card in the mail. Today, sending an email thanking the interviewers for taking the time to meet and letting them know you're available if they have any additional questions. If you don’t have direct email addresses, contact the person who arranged the interview (Recruiter, HR Manager, Admin, etc.) to gather this information.

As we all continue to adjust and adapt to the many changes are facing today, it’s important to stay positive, breathe and strive to be the best you can during the job search and interview process!