Year End: How to Celebrate a Successful Year and Show Your Employees They’re Appreciated!

Alas, the holidays are upon us! The season of giving, the season of cheer, the season of crowded stores and hard-to-find parking spaces. Year-end proves to be one of the busiest times of the year for everyone and especially in the working world. No matter what industry or company, there are deadlines to meet and tasks to complete before we ring in 2016.

However, it is also a perfect time to reflect on the business year and successful milestones that have been hit, while appreciating your coworkers, partners, and staff. Here are five tips to help you show your employees they’re appreciated.

1. Be Vocal

Tell your team members individually exactly how you view their strengths and weaknesses. Use examples from the entire year of how they excelled and where they could use some support. Keep the conversation positive and be excited about the wins. Instead of an “annual review” consider it an annual reflection. Without the intimidating title, more progress can be made in the conversation.

2. Set Goals

The best way to celebrate your successes is to take a look at your future. Set clear goals that will stretch your employees, but are also attainable if they work hard to achieve them. Make sure employees feel included in the process and listen to their thoughts or ideas because they may have thought of something you didn’t. It is like they say, “A goal without a plan is just a wish.”

3. Show Your Company Pride on Social Media

Want to show the world some of this year’s highlights and successes? Use your social media network and followers! Success does not only come from your financials. A #tbt of team events, team milestones or maybe even a video to recap the great year you had. Show your network why your year, your employees, and your company culture was awesome.

4. Throw a Holiday Celebration

It’s always a good thing to get away from work and do something fun outside of the office! Big or small, the chance to get together over a meal, at a bowling alley, or a local bar is a great way to de-stress, show your appreciation, and get people excited about what’s to come. Invite consultants and part-timers so they feel included as part of the team.

5. Discuss What’s Coming

Most employees want to feel excited and challenged when they come to work. Discussing upcoming big initiatives will give employees something to look forward to and even brainstorm about.

Here’s to 2016!