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Sep 26th, 2023

🍂Fall Networking Recap with The O'Connor Group!🍂

As the colorful autumn leaves fall gently to the ground and the city of Philadelphia embraces the changing seasons, we want to take a moment to reflect on the fantastic networking events we had the pleasure of attending so far this fall. The O'Connor Group was out and about, connecting with industry leaders, making new friends, and strengthening existing partnerships.

Here's a quick recap of our fall networking adventures:

🌆 Titan 100 Awards Dinner

LSC Philly Mini Golf for Good

🏌️‍♀️ TOC Women's Top Golf Event

📕Executive Education Day: Empowering Entrepreneurs

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1. Low compensation and burnout have accountants leaving the industry in record numbers with no relief in sight

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics the number accountants in the profession has fallen 15.9% from 2019 with more than 300,000 accountants quitting between 2019 and 2021. To make matters worse, the number of students completing bachelor's degree programs in accounting dropped 2.8% in 2020 with an even further decline of 8.4% for master’s degree programs during that same time period.

Read the full article here!

2. The Federal Reserve pauses interest rates at the current 5.25 -5.5% range

The Federal Reserve decided last week to keep a key interest rate unchanged – which affects many aspects of the economy from mortgage rates to borrowing costs for businesses. At the same time, they left the potential for a final rate hike in November or December of this year if inflation and a few other key economic metrics are not aligned with their expectations.

Read the full article here!

3. The 5 Degree Principle: Small Changes Lead to Big Results

The pace of work and life continues to gain speed. Just keeping up can seem like an insurmountable challenge! It doesn’t have to be this way! You can get on top of everything you have to do, and stay on top, with The 5° Principle.

This powerful keynote packs valuable tools, practical insights and encouragement to make changes one step at a time. When you use The 5° Principle, the subtle shifts you make will add up to major advances in productivity and effectiveness. You cannot cross a room in a single step, nor can you meet big challenges in one try. Make a small change, take a baby step, and produce big results.

Learn More Here!

4. Want to Make Your Business More Sustainable? Nonprofits Can Help

Embarking on the journey to minimize your business's environmental footprint can seem daunting, especially with the growing concerns about climate change. However, you don't have to face this challenge alone. Several non-profit organizations and philanthropic endeavors have emerged to assist American businesses in adopting more environmentally friendly practices. Here's a strategy to guide you in moving towards eco-conscious operations, along with valuable resources to make the transition smoother.

Read the full article here!

5. What a Symphony Manager Can Teach Business Owners About Customer Engagement

Aubrey Bergauer ran the California Symphony for five years and learned that she had to rethink the way arts companies go to market. Nonprofits and startups have more in common than meets the eye. And these scrappy, ambitious organizations can learn a lot from each other.

Read the full article here! 

6. Thought Leadership - The Latest Trends!

Each month our Human Resources and Talent Acquisition team members deliver this valuable resource to keep you in the know of the latest topics and trends impacting the people part of your business.

In our latest HireWire Blog, "Staying Ahead of AI in Your Job Search: Humanizing the Hunt," Marketing Coordinator, Julia Carminati, explores how to unlock success in your job search and master the art of human touch in an AI world.

Read more at the link here!

7. Wellness Wednesday...

Here's a little reminder to check in on your vitamins/supplements!

Specifically, Vitamin D - As we move into the colder part of the year (mainly for those of you living in areas that you will feel the colder months). Getting your levels checked and taking the right amount of vitamin D can be extremely beneficial to help fight diseases, regulate your mood/reduce depression and it can help support in weight loss.

Here is a link to order a test and a link to order supplements:

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