Leadership Team

Marcia Zaruba-O’Connor President & CEO
Kate Cione Vice President of Strategy
Amanda Haugh Vice President of Operations & Internal HR
Meghan Popoleo Vice President of Growth

Operations Team

Rebecca Weaver Learning Manager
Amy Cobb Operations & HR Manager
Cheyenne Yost Operations Coordinator
Tiffany Roibu Director of Finance

Sales and Marketing Team

Barbara Rader Senior Client Success Manager
Charlie Wessel Strategic Relationships Manager
Ashley Seiler Marketing Manager
Nicole Hudson Sales Operations Manager
Julia Carminati Sales & Marketing Coordinator and Talent Acquisition Partner

Human Resource Team

Colleen Hamilton Senior Human Resource Partner
Mindy Lansing Human Capital Practice- Resource Specialist
Suzanne Sharr Senior Human Resource Partner
Elizabeth Zurcher Manager, Human Capital Practice
Reagan Callahan Senior Human Resources Advisor
Ashley Eckard-Maule Associate Director of Human Capital Practice
Tracy Flynn Senior Human Resources Advisor
Jen Lynch Senior Manager of Advisor Division
Lindsay Evans Senior Human Resources Advisor
Ashley Reid Manager of Human Capital Practice- Talent Management Division
Donna Bregman Senior Human Resources Advisor
Julia Langan Human Resources Advisor
Janine Sadlowski Human Resources Advisor
Amy Burke Human Resources Advisor
Alexa Mahalidge SHRM-CP Senior Human Resources Partner
Julia Eadie Human Resources Partner
Jodi Krawitz Senior Human Resources Advisor
Liz Bligan Sr. Human Resources Advisor
Elena Reeves HR Manager of the Partner Team
Stephanie McClure Human Resources Partner
Stephanie Selekman-Singh HR Advisor
Jennifer Goossens SHRM-SCP Human Resources Advisor
Mary Negron Human Resources Advisor
Carolyn Volokhonskiy Sr. Human Resource Partner
Margaret Sofio Senior Human Resources Advisor
Poli Noyes Human Resources Advisor

Talent Acquisition Team

Beth Brower Sourcing Partner
Janice Rath Project Manager
Jared Seltzer Senior Sourcing Manager
Rob Nydick Senior Talent Acquisition Partner
Douglas Jakiela Senior Sourcing Partner
Brittany Benito Senior Talent Acquisition Partner
Erica Montagna Sourcing Lead
Jennifer Finnerty TA Manager, Project Management Team
Melissa Moneuse Talent Acquisition Manager, Large Accounts Team
Katie Perry Manager of Talent Acquisition Operations
Chapel Guarnieri Talent Acquisition Partner
Kate Lee Senior Talent Acquisition Partner
Jonathan Khalili Sourcing Partner
Danielle Bienkowski Talent Acquisition Partner
Anna Politi Senior Talent Acquisition Parnter
Kendra Tripp Project Manager
Trish Sigler Project Manager
Megan Santry Project Coordinator
Mackenzie Uerberroth Sr. Talent Acquisition Partner
Debbie Hinnerschitz Senior Talent Acquisition Partner
Ashley Kowal Sourcing Partner
Erin Bastidas Talent Acquisition Manager, Partner Team
Vincent Abbott Sourcing Partner
Taylor Weitzman Talent Acquisition Partner
Meggie Schaeffer Talent Acquisition Partner
Kennedy Dahl Talent Acquisition Partner
Manushi Desai Senior Talent Acquisition Partner
Jessica Osoro Talent Acquisition Project Coordinator
Sarah Stoicescu Talent Acquisition Partner
Reagan Wheeler Talent Acquisition Partner
Lauren Barbour Talent Acquisition Partner
Marisa Spinelli Sr. Talent Acquisition Partner
Mackenzie Gallagher Talent Acquisition Lead
Beth Zech Senior Talent Acquisition Partner
Liz Thomas Talent Acquisition Project Manager