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Workplace Insights: What's Hot, What's Not Ed. 28

Feb 22nd, 2024 | Workplace Insights

Your latest INSIGHTS & TRENDS for the Week of February 19, 2024.

There are so many current headlines surrounding the workplace, it's hard to keep up. To make this as easy as possible for you, Workplace Insights: What's Hot, What's Not, will provide you with the latest updates that may impact your organization as it relates to market trends and current industry insights.

  1. The surge in productivity from robots and content workers sheds light on the surprising resilience of the US economy.

  2. CEOs' outlook on the U.S. economy has shifted positively, with a net positive outlook of 52% for the upcoming six months as of the first quarter of 2024.

  3. Considering purchasing a new home? Securing credit might pose a challenge in the coming six months. While there are signs of improvement in the credit outlook, obtaining loans may still prove to be more challenging for a little while longer.

  4. Discover the insights shared by Federal Reserve officials as they discuss the U.S. economic outlook, strategies for managing inflation, and the direction of economic policies. Gain a deeper understanding of the intricate relationship between economic expansion and inflation as they illuminate the path ahead for the economy.

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