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Top 3 Podcast with Marcia O'Connor

Entrepreneurs sharing secrets and mistakes

  1. On this episode of Top 3, Marcia is joined by John Ratliff, CEO of align5. John and his team work with values-driven growth companies to align around no more than 5 key initiatives or priorities at any given time as a way to ensure focus and ,execution. John shares his secrets to scaling, pitfalls to avoid, and why strategic partners are key to success.

  2. On this episode of Top 3, Marcia is joined by Paul Isenberg, CEO of Bringing Hope Home. If you haven’t met Paul yet, you’re in for a treat. Paul’s inspiring story about why he became an entrepreneur will make anyone on the fence about starting a ,business conquer their dream.

  3. In this episode of Top 3, Marcia is joined by Jeffrey Hayzlett, Chairman & CEO of the C-Suite Network.'re in for a treat. Tune in to hear Jeffrey's insightful analogies, secrets to entrepreneurial success, and learn the ,importance and power of your network. This is what it's all about, right?!

  4. In this episode of Top 3, Marcia sits down with the Chief Marketing Officer of Square 2 Marketing, Eric Keiles. He is a serial entrepreneur that takes a deep dive into why he became an entrepreneur, the importance of core values in your business ,venture, and tips that may make you take that risk!

  5. In this episode of Top 3, Marcia is joined by Jean Ginzburg, CEO of Ginball Digital Marketing. Jean dives into her top secrets that she used to get her where she is today, along with mistakes to avoid for entrepreneurs scaling their businesses.

Let’s start with a conversation.