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  1. Marcia is joined by fellow entrepreneur Jeff Bruno! The two talk about how Jeff got started, changing his company and introduces his business partner! As well as much more!

  2. Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Marcia and Meg get together to talk about their Thanksgiving traditions in this short podcast episode!

  3. Marcia is joined by fellow entrepreneur Thomas Padula! Thomas is the President of Padula Media. Padula Media is a full suite digital marketing agency. The two talk about how Thomas got started, his real estate and his companies growth! As well as ,much more!

  4. Marcia is joined by Meg on this episode to discuss the history of The O'Connor Group! How Marcia started the company to grow it into what it is now. They talk what her seven year old son said to her that really motivated her to make this a success ,as well as her best moments and even touching on the companies recent expansion!

  5. Marcia is joined by fellow entrepreneur Shaun Ziegler! Shaun is the Co-Founder of Upspace. Upspace is a wellness social media app where people can connect with coaches! They talk about many things including; how Shaun got started, how he enjoys ,having a partner, his team as well as what podcasts he's currently listening to! All that and much more!

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