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  1. Marcia O'Connor takes a quick break from our normal show to do a quick and fun Halloween special! Talking past Halloweens, costumes and sharing her experience of the holiday in an office!

  2. Marcia O'Connor is joined by Brian LaPann, Co-Founder and Principal of Mole Street! They'll be talking about several topics and giving advice on business and being an entrepreneur. Topics include; how Brian got started, his past as a musician and ,how that helps him in business, what books he's reading and so much more!

  3. Marcia O'Connor is joined by entrepreneur and friend Amanda Jefferson, Owner of Indigo Organizing. They'll be discussing various topics ranging from; Amandas initial transition into starting Indigo Organizing, what she does to assist her clients, ,her background and podcast. As well as the mistakes and adjustments made along the way.

  4. This week on Top 3, Marcia is joined by Jim Jacobs, Founder & CEO of Focus Insite. Focus Insite is a leader in qualitative market research recruitment, specializing in consumer, B2B, medical, patient & caregiver, and technical studies with ,sights set on being the go-to recruiting company for every industry. Jim started Focus Insite in 2016 and in an unprecedented move doubled in size in 2020! Learn more about Jim Jacobs, his passion for reading and what he has in store for Focus Insite going forward.

  5. This week on Top 3, Marcia is joined by Donna Dorozinsky, President & CEO at Just in Time GP that provides Business & Technology consulting and TMF management services to global biotech and pharma organizations. Donna started her journey as ,an entrepreneur 17 years ago and believes in the impact and power female entrepreneurs hold in business. Learn about fishing with Donna and how this recent EY Philadelphia Regional Entrepreneur of the Year for 2022 focuses on culture by creating a family environment with her team.

Let’s start with a conversation.