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  1. In this episode of Top 3, CEO and founder of the O'Connor Group, Marcia O'Connor, interviews Ian Meierdiercks, founder of IM Wealth Partners. She starts by asking Meierdiercks about his entrepreneurial background, to which he explains that his family has a history of entrepreneurship. His grandfather started a marina that eventually became a Viking Yachts dealer, and his mother's mother started her own business altering dresses, which eventually led to her owning a franchise.

  2. In this episode of Top 3, Marcia O'Connor interviewed Elyse Lupin, the CEO of Elysium Marketing Group, a full-service marketing agency specializing in food and franchise, among other industries. Lupin shared her journey as an entrepreneur, including her successes and failures. The discussion revolved around how the pandemic affected her business and how she coped with the challenges.

  3. In this episode of Top 3 with Marcia O'Connor, she interviews Mike Longo Jr, CEO of 7 Oil, a family-owned business. They discuss the unique challenges of running a family business, including the pressure to succeed and the difficulty of passing the business down to future generations.

  4. On this episode of the Top 3 podcast “Mental Health in the Workplace”, Marcia O’Connor is joined by Meghan Freeman. Meghan is the founder of Abundant Life Partners and is a licensed clinical social worker. In this episode, Meghan shares her background and her journey to becoming the founder of Abundant Life Partners. After attending Washington and Lee University for Psychology and Philosophy and starting a family, Meghan began working at a mental hospital, where her practice was formed during many overnights. Now, over six years in, Abundant Life Partners has six locations and is constantly growing.

  5. Marcia is joined by CEO and Founder of Today Is A Good Day, Martha Sharkey! Martha shares her and her families story and how it lead to her starting Today Is A Good Day!

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